Myckle and Medle welcome more residents

Myckle and Medle are two areas with great potential for growth, close to the city, the river and the countryside. Many people commute daily to and from Myckle and Medle and today there are mainly roads for car traffic, but the goal is to increase the number of sustainable trips to and from the towns.

Interest in building homes in Myckle and Medle has increased in recent years, so work has begun to plan how the areas can grow and develop in the future. The plans that are now being produced are a prerequisite for detailed planning of the area in the future.

New planning programs underway

Many homes need to be built in Skellefteå municipality in the coming years as the population grows. Myckle and Medle are identified as areas that have the potential to grow, due to their proximity to the city, the river and the countryside. The building and environment committee has decided that a planning program should be developed for how each location should be developed.