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Rental apartments in a central and scenic area in Kåge

For all of Skellefteå to grow, investments outside the city center are important. Skebo has built about 70 new rental apartments at Kvarnbacken in Kåge. The apartments were completed in January 2023.

The apartments were built on Ulriksgatan in central Kåge in an attractive and scenic area right next to the Kåge River. The new houses have wooden walls and floors and were built in Jörn by Jörnträhus, which is part of the Contractor Group.

The apartments are studios and two- and three-bedroom units distributed between seven two-story townhouses, doubling the number of apartments in the area. All apartments were equipped with a balcony or patio. When the entire area is completed, there will be a patio where all residents can gather.


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