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460 apartments in the city's new major residential area

By 2030, the plan is to have built around around 9,000 new homes in Skelleftedalen. Västra Erikslid will be one of the city's new major residential areas with apartment buildings with a total of 460 apartments. The area will be completed in november of 2023.

Västra Erikslid becomes a new residential area with 12 new apartment buildings, which completes the densification of the area that began with the residential area Västra Eriksberg. The area is adjacent to the Vitberget recreational area, the Erikslid center as well as Klockardalsparken, which is being developed into a sustainable and pleasant meeting place.

Close to the sledding hill, Sveafastigheter has built four apartment buildings with 160 rental apartments of varying sizes. The buildings are between four and six stories high with wood and slate facades. Sveafastigheter is investing in new technology to build sustainable buildings, and in the Dubbelkrut block, they have made a special investment in wastewater recycling to optimize the energy performance of the apartments. This means that the energy from wastewater is recovered and reused in the heating system. The buildings also have solar panels on the roofs. The homes were move-in ready in the fall of 2022.

Along Klockarbergsvägen and Ormens väg at the roundabout, Heimstaden is building eight apartment buildings with a total of 298 rental apartments. They are built completely in wood and the goal is to be environmentally certified according to the Miljöbyggnad classification system, Silver level. The apartments are move-in ready in the fall of 2023.


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