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Green Flight Academy

We train students from all over the world in our 18 month non stop training programme that takes you from zero experience to ready for airline jobs. We run a high-quality training programme in northern Sweden where we have one of the world’s most modern fleets and a unique study environment on the university campus. Once you have graduated, you will be rewarded with a European (EASA) commercial pilot licence making you eligible to fly as a first officer and apply for jobs at airlines worldwide.

The airline pilot training programme (ATPL Integrated) is 18 months and you do not need to have any previous flight experience. The programme offers ground school studies supported by high-tech training equipment combined with practical flight training in aeroplanes as well as in our flight simulator.

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Green Flight Academys pilot training programme includes all required components and all costs to graduate with a full EASA commercial pilot license to get you onboard with any airline.


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