Have you heard of Herakleitos?

He was one of those ancient Greek philosophers who, despite living before about 3,000 years ago, always somehow managed to come up with formulations that are still relevant.

Two of Heraclitus' sayings are "Change is the only constant of life" and "Nothing is permanent except change". That Herakleitos is relevant in today's Skellefteå is no exaggeration.

The city has woken up. An alarm clock the size of 71 football fields without a snooze function rings constantly and everyone is affected.

Even the Skellefteå newspaper.

A newspaper that has become a magazine, which is also part of the green transition as, unlike the Skellefteå newspaper, it is not distributed throughout Skellefteå municipality but instead also becomes digital and thus more sustainable.

You have now found S/Å's digital site and it is of course translated into English as well. So that all our new residents can read reports, guides and find out about all events in the city.

The magazine is called S/Å. The name is both an abbreviation of the place name - but also a meaning of sowing a seed. A seed that will become an idea to move here.

A magazine filled to the brim with local reports and stories, created by local editorial staff, which will now end up in the mailboxes of potential returnees and new and old ambassadors for Skellefteå. But also in the hands of all those who visit us at fairs with a dream of creating a new life in Skellefteå. And there are a lot of them.

We are growing - but we want and need to grow more. S/Å will now be part of this work.

A magazine about Skellefteå.
And a new era.

Text: David Ekström

Photo: Patrick Degerman

David Ekström