Society Expo 2026
Skellefteå, Sweden

A global event where we, together, discover sustainable solutions that leave a lasting impression. To find the tools and knowledge needed to make a positive impact, both here at home and abroad.

Bild på byggnaden Svalan med Skellefteälven i bakgrunden

About Society Expo 2026

With Society Expo 2026, we want to create new collaborations and develop ideas, solutions, and tools that make an impression. And we're in it together – everyone is welcome to join.

News from SE26

  • Your guide to the hidden gems you can visit this summer

    Have you already explored all the nooks and crannies of Sara Cultural Center? Does Bjuröklubb seem like too easy a challenge? Are you looking for new perspectives? Don't worry - we have the solution to all that. Let our guide, Johan Seger, introduce you to some of Skellefteå's most amazing but perhaps lesser known destinations.

  • Tobias was attracted by the developments in Skellefteå

    Civil engineer Tobias Tonvall was faced with a life choice: should he stay in his home town of Luleå or move? Thanks to an advertisement from the consulting company Etteplan, all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. The company works actively to recruit from outside and notices a great interest in Skellefteå.

  • Life in the forest is an art

    Living in a forest cabin without electricity, water and sewage all year round certainly makes Sara Forsström stand out from the crowd. - "I have always worked from nature and now I am also living my dream by living in it," says the Skellefteå-based artist.

  • Parenting and music - in sweet harmony?

    Five beautifully singing Skellefteå dads have charmed the music world. We know that Dad Harmony knows their voices. But what are they really like as fathers? And how do they combine the life of a musician with pick-up, drop-off and bedtime stories?

  • Christmas, Christmas, sweet Christmas?

    Is there a more convivial time than Christmas? It probably depends on who you ask. In fact, it is likely to be associated with trauma in Karsträsk. Here are three Christmas events in Skellefteå that challenge the prevailing image of the holiday.

  • International expertise part of Altio's natural growth

    The region's high demand for technology and process skills with a focus on innovation and sustainability attracted Hossein Ali Pour, 33, to Skellefteå. He now works at the forefront of the green transition through a stimulating hydrogen project as a consultant at Altio. - I see a promising future here in Skellefteå, says Hossein.

  • New rail reveals traces of the past

    In a few years, the rails of the Norrbotten Line will cross forests and marshes in Skellefteå municipality. But what is hidden along the route? What human activities have taken place there over the years? Before a new rail is laid, old tracks must be examined.

  • Senior Square - bingo for healthy aging

    How can you age in a healthy and independent way? Seniortorg Skellefteå wants to help answer this question. It offers everything from lectures and guidance to exercise bingo.

  • HSS 2025 - Sweden's largest collaboration conference comes to Skellefteå

    In 2025, Campus Skellefteå, together with Luleå University of Technology, will host Sweden's largest collaboration conference, Higher Education and Society in Collaboration (HSS). A conference focusing on how we can solve today's and tomorrow's societal challenges through collaboration and how can collaboration between academia, business, civil society and the public sector be developed and strengthened and what Skellefteå has to offer.