At Hedensbyn, conditions are created to meet the demand for new and sustainable industrial land in Skellefteå. The investment enables more companies in energy-intensive industries to establish themselves and contributes to strengthening Skellefteå's development and business community. The plots were ready in 2022.

The new industrial area, Skellefteå Site East, is located in Hedensbyn, at the end of Torsgatan and borders the area where Northvolt's new battery factory is being built. Skellefteå Site East consists of 45 hectares of industrial sites and the project is run in collaboration between Skellefteå municipality and Skanska, where the goal is to be a Swedish leader in sustainability - ecological, economic and social. To increase the well-being of the area, an avenue of trees and a hiking trail have been built.

By maximizing the effects of both internal and external expertise, Skellefteå Site East will be a source of inspiration for the industry. Both in terms of the courage to dare to think and act in new ways about sustainability, and in working together towards a common vision. In addition, carbon dioxide emissions were reduced by 75 percent.

Skellefteå municipality

About the site

In Skellefteå, Site East was named winner of the Infrastructure Project of the Year category at the Green Building Awards External link. 2021 in Stockholm. Site East received the award for an aggressive sustainability ambition and many unique solutions that have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 75 percent.