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Homes with river views

As a part of offering diversed housing, two new high-rise buildings with 87 condominiums are being built next to the river on the south side of Viktoriabron. The buildings will be seven and nine stories high, and completed in the beginning of 2025.

The Grunnan block on Tubölegatan has been identified as a suitable area to densificate with taller buildings in the city center. It is a matter of emphasizing the cityscape and contributing to an expressive element in the urban environment, particularly suitable at the city entrance, on a bridge or as a background motif for an elongated street. The plans for Strandpromenaden are in line with the above.

The two new buildings will be located next to the E4 and the Skellefte River, opposite the Campus area. They will house 87 condominiums in total, ranging from 35 to 135 square meters in size. A playground will be built in the courtyard and charging points for electric cars will be available.

In connection with Tubölegatan, a bicycle path will be built to improve the traffic. Färjegatan might have to be widened.

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