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An opportunity to live and work next door to Sara

Next to Sara Kulturhus, HSB Norr is planning to construct two buildings with 95 condominiums and room for various activities at street level. They will be move-in ready at the turn of the year 2025/2026.

The building closest to Torggatan is going to be four stories high and the building on the current parking lot in the courtyard will be up to 10 stories high. The apartments will range from studios up to four bedrooms, 36-130 square meters in size, and will all have balconies.

In addition to the great need for more housing in Skellefteå, there is a need for a more coherent "room in the city". In the city center, there are undeveloped plots of land, so-called gap plots. By building on these vacant lots, the blocks are closed off, which contributes to a more inviting urban space. The Polaris block with its parking is designated as one of them. Room for commercial acitivites at street level also contributes to a more vibrant urban life, in line with the target image for the district.

Solar panels will be installed on the roofs, which will contribute to energy supply as well as the goal to be environmentally certified according to the Miljöbyggnad classification system, Silver level.

HSB Norr

Image: HSB Norr

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