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A family-friendly neighborhood for children of different ages

Skellefteå municipality will develop a new residential area on Morö Backe with about 250 homes in varying forms of ownership. Groundwork is planned to start in the fall of 2024.

The new residential area is located north of Takdroppsgatan and Svedjevägen and will be a direct extension to an existing residential area in a scenic area. There will be approximately 130 terraced houses, 50 single-family plots and 70 apartments. There will also be good connections to pedestrian and bicycle paths.

Since a large number of children will live and spend time in the area, the children's perspective has been an important part of the area's design. The detailed development plan for the area strives to create a good living environment, and thus a good environment for children to live in, with green areas and places for children of different ages to play.

Skellefteå municipality

Photo: Patrick Degerman. The image is co-financed by the European Union.


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