Bergsbyn becomes more accessible

There is a lot going on in Bergsbyn. For example, we are planning to make the Skellefteälven river more accessible to visitors. Therefore, existing parks are being developed and new ones will be created in the coming years. It will also be easier to get to Bergsbyn by boat.

In Bergsbyn, we already have such a mix of house styles that we can also be quite free in the future when planning for more terraced houses and apartment buildings.

In-depth master plan for Skelleftedalen

På gång i området

På gång i området

About Bergsbyn

Skellefteälven, Holmberget and Nyåkersberget are important characteristic parts of Bergsbyn, which borders Hedensbyn to the west and Ursviken to the east. The slope of the mountain provides a natural panoramic view of the river and the green peaks of the forest.

The residential area of Bergsbyn is divided by the railroad into two parts, south and north of it. The older, sparse settlement was built south of the railway down to the river and consists of single-family houses with slightly larger plots than the single-family settlements established north of the railway with the densification of the 1960s and 1970s. The residential areas are mainly located on southern slopes, taking into account the topographical and geological conditions, as well as the limitations of the traffic system, and consist largely of connected houses such as terraced houses, chain houses and semi-detached houses.

North of road 372 is Bergsbyn's new large industrial area. The area is at a good distance from housing and is served by a well-developed infrastructure. Torsgatan has been extended north of the industrial area and connects at the eastern junction with Bergsbyvägen. There is good access to the area for different modes of transport.

Nature is just around the corner with fine green areas for recreation and outdoor life, and the lushness of the district is a contributing factor of well-being. The main green structure consists of Nyåkersberget and Holmberget. Between road 372 and the residential area there is a green recreation area with a sports field and electric light trail, and east of the school there is a popular disc golf course. Much of the green infrastructure consists of older lush villa gardens. In Bergsbyn there is a dam with a lock function that was built in the 1960s in connection with the construction of the Kvistforsen power station.