Bergsbyn Business Park

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An industrial area with a strong emphasis on preserving natural areas

Bergsbyn's business park will become a part of everyday life for thousands of new people who will work in Skellefteå's expansive eastern parts. With a combination of close, accessible services and preserved green areas, it will be an area with great emphasis on social values. It will be completed in October 2023.

Bergsbyn's business park is directly adjacent to the collection of newly established industries in eastern Skellefteå. The business park will consist of activities that complement the dominant production industry established in this part of Skellefteå. There will be a total of 25-35 plots of between 4,000 and 10,000 square meters, with the possibility of merging plots if necessary.

Various service companies will be combined with different contractors, who value the proximity of and complement the newly established battery cluster. In addition, the business park will have a strong environmental profile, making it even easier to achieve sustainability goals in industry and everyday life.

The project will be certified through BREEAM, a sustainability certification for the construction industry. BREEAM Infrastructure was previously known as CEEQUAL. To certify a project according to BREEAM, extensive environmental work is required in both the design phase and the production phase. The focus is on economic, ecological, and social sustainability. In this project, there is a strong commitment to using electrified construction machinery and reusing filling material. This reduces the climate impact, the cost of the project and saves time.

Skellefteå municipality

What's new in the project

Construction of streets, water and sewage to the area began in spring 2022, followed by a construction period of about 1.5 years. The process of allocating land to companies and businesses is ongoing during the construction period.

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Questions and answers

This is considered one of Sweden's most attractive areas for industrial establishments right now. This is partly due to its proximity to Northvolt, which will need a lot of complementary activities. The site is part of a larger zoned area for industrial purposes, which plays a central role in Skellefteå's long-term development.

Based on the ecological inventory, it has emerged that the greatest natural values are linked to added value for people moving in the area. Bergsbyn's business park is an important route to move through to reach other adjacent natural areas. The green route that runs through the area is designated as an important green area for birds and insects to move through the city. In addition, it will be a small green oasis that should be preserved as much as possible, so that people working nearby have access to a variety of habitats.

Both Skellefteå municipality and NCC have a strong focus on sustainability in their operations. Together, the actors in the project will drive this development and enable a new industrial area, where sustainability from an ecological, economic and social perspective has been an important part from day one.

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