Kåge welcomes more

Kåge has a bit of everything. Proximity to the sea and river, rural environments and a range of services needed in everyday life. We are planning for relatively large growth until 2040 and this will be reflected in both the construction of housing and the development of infrastructure.

It will be easy and safe to get to and from and within Kåge, the connection to the coast and the river will be strengthened and we will also build different types of housing in the future. With a growing population, a growing preschool and school is also planned.

In-depth master plan for Kåge

Projects in the area

Projects in the area

About the Kåge

Kåge is located 13 kilometers north of Skellefteå urban area. Kåge became known in the 1500s under the name Storkåge and today has a small town character with elements of picturesque and rural environment, with proximity to both the coast and the river, surrounded by a living agricultural landscape. Kåge is characterized not least by the river and proximity to natural areas. Winding country roads also contribute to Kåge's rural character. Within and around Kåge there is a range of areas for recreation and leisure activities for residents to use. For example, there is a marina and a forest area with electric light trails.

The landscape in Kåge has most likely been shaped by large areas of forest and older times of agriculture, with arable land and barns. In a larger perspective, the entire Kåge valley is part of the valuable agricultural landscape in Västerbotten, which is characterized by the coastal agriculture of Västerbotten.

In Kåge you can see traces of the settlement structure of different times. In recent years, development has started from the central parts. This is different from earlier, before the 1920s, when Kåge grew along the river bank because it was considered to facilitate agriculture. This also means that different areas in Kåge have different identities where some have more historical connections and some have more contemporary connections.

In the central parts of Kåge there are today, among other things, grocery stores, smaller commercial activities, manufacturing industry, church, bathing place and bus stop. To get around within Kåge, there is a certain range of pedestrian and bicycle paths that connect different places. In the eastern parts of Kåge, the E4 motorway passes, it leads south towards Skellefteå and to the north it passes Frostkåge, Ostvik and Byske. Gamla Kågevägen also goes south towards Skellefteå. In the western parts of Kåge there are two roads that follow the river valley to the west and pass through Ersmark and Kusmark. Overall, there are currently five main entrances to and from Kåge.