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The new Frigg neighborhood will offer many apartments and a vibrant street life.

To create a vibrant street life and vary the housing supply, Skebo built 198 rental apartments at Baldergymnasiet. The move-in took place in stages in winter 2022 and spring 2023.

The new Frigg block faces Nygatan in the south and Kanalgatan in the north. It is eight apartment buildings, each with four to six floors, as well as a high-rise in the northwest corner that marks the entrance to the central city along Kanalgatan.

The entire block was built in wood and contains both housing and new offices and commercial or public spaces gathered around a courtyard. The courtyard has green areas with space for relaxation and socializing. Parking is available on the ground floor under the building and courtyard. A car and bicycle pool is also planned.

The detailed plan for the area also includes opening up traffic on Lasarettsvägen past Frigg with a roundabout towards Kanalgatan. The plan is to close the current railway crossing at Lasarettsvägen to vehicle traffic and replace the crossing with a level crossing under the railway line.


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