Anderstorp grows and develops

There's a lot going on at Anderstorp! New townhouses and apartment buildings are planned for the coming years and we also look forward to welcoming many new and exciting businesses. Of course, we think sustainably when we build and we also plan for a little more variation in the buildings than before, but without losing Anderstorp's strong character.

We also continue to invest in our shared outdoor environments, including the development of parks and open spaces. We want it to be easy and safe to be active at Anderstorp.

In-depth master plan for Skelleftedalen

Projects in the area

Projects in the area

About Anderstorp

Anderstorp is located southeast of the city centre and south of the Skellefte River. Most of the existing buildings at Anderstorp were built in the 1970s. The buildings to the north of the large park area at Anderstorp have basically similar building types without direct courtyards. The structure of Anderstorp is divided by existing barriers: Anderstorpsleden and Gymnasievägen.

Inside the area there is Hällbergs park, which extends through the area of million-dollar housing estates. The park, Byberget and the proximity to the river ensure that the district's residents are close to the surrounding greenery with important recreational opportunities. Hällbergs park has two playgrounds, one of which is a district playground and an activity park. The Byberget with its forest and exercise trail connects to the eastern part of the park and is widely used by local residents in all seasons.

Anderstorp has a well-developed public service, restaurants, businesses and commercial services, spread along the district's surrounding main road network. There are two schools in the district, Tuböleskolan primary school and Anderstorpgymnasiet secondary school.