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Development focused on good and safe living environments

A new vibrant Anderstorg is emerging with 400 new apartments, businesses and a parking garage.

The homes will be built in varying heights with 3-5 floors and have openings in the courtyards. Between the buildings, there will be areas for relaxation and a playful space around the tree-lined streets and planted courtyards.

Anderstorg was originally an agricultural area before being transformed into a residential area. The design of the blocks is going to be characterized by the craftsmanship of the women who often worked in the courtyards. The pattern of the cobblestone will be made to look like rag rugs and the lighting will mimic balls of yarn.

The development will link Anderstorg to all of Anderstorp and there will be a stronger connection to the campus area and Sörböle. It has already become easier to get to and from Anderstorg as the Gymnasievägen roundabout and new and improved pedestrian and cycle paths between the commercial area and the E4 have been built.

Skellefteå municipality

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