Sunnanå is densifying

There have been and will be a lot of construction in Sunnanå in the coming years. More terraced houses, apartment buildings and single-family houses are planned for almost the entire district. But while a lot is being developed, there are also other things that we want to keep as they are.

Sunnanå currently has access to sledding hills, parks and even a cemetery. We must take care of these common areas and the wildlife and nature when we develop Sunnanå.

In-depth master plan for Skelleftedalen

På gång i området och genomförda projekt

På gång i området och genomförda projekt

About the place Sunnanå

Sunnanå is centrally located on the south side of the Skellefteälven river. The district is separated in the east from Sörböle by the cemetery and the sports facilities at Sörvalla and Sunnanåskolan. To the west, a field landscape takes over where the residential area ends (Lund).

Sunnanå's residential development consists mainly of detached houses, but there are also smaller areas with two-storey apartment buildings and terraced houses. The oldest buildings in Sunnanå are located in close proximity to Lejonströmsbron as this has historically been a relatively central part of the city.

Along the northern, eastern and southeastern shores of Falkträskets there have long been recreational buildings of mixed size and standard. A transition to permanent housing is gradually taking place and the villa area is being expanded and approaching the lake. The green is always close at Sunnanå, whether you are in the villa areas or in one of the district's apartment buildings. The surrounding greenery consists of the riverbank in the north, Falkträsket and Falkberget in the south and the forest south of Nyckelgatan and Lantmannagatan. The cemetery, the climbing trails at Falkträsket and two areas between the residential buildings constitute green oases in the district. Through the area there are two large green paths for play and recreation, in a north-south direction east of Falkträskvägen and in an east-west direction west of it.

The diversity of activities is low in the district, but there is a church, cemetery, school, preschool, sports ground and pizzeria.