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SBB i Norden AB buys cultural centre and hotel in Skellefteå

SBB i Norden AB today signed a letter of intent to invest over SEK 1 billion in Skellefteå's future cultural centre. SBB will own the entire property, including the hotel, and lease it to an operating company that the municipality will form within its Skellefteå Stadshus group of companies. There have been many interested parties during the sales process, which consolidates Skellefteå as an attractive place to set up business.

- For us, the interest in Skellefteå is quite natural, as we are one of the strongest players in the Nordic region with a focus on social real estate. The whole concept of the Culture House, from its architecture and sustainability aspects to its operations and content, will be an important part of Skellefteå's community building. We are also interested in investing in other types of properties in the municipality in the future. We are pleased to now become part of Skellefteå's ongoing positive community development," says SBB's founder and CEO Ilija Batljan.

The Letter of Intent (LOI) signed today is a letter of intent that the entire property, cultural centre and hotel, will be sold to SBB i Norden AB for one billion fifty million SEK. Today's decision has been preceded by a sales process in which negotiations have taken place with several interested buyers.
- We are pleased to welcome SBB as another establishment in Skellefteå. We and many other stakeholders in Skellefteå are working hard to promote the municipality's advantages as a place to establish a business. The Kulturhuset is a project that has attracted considerable attention both internationally and nationally, not least its architecture and focus on long-term sustainability. I am pleased that so many people have been interested in investing in the property," says Maria Marklund (S), municipal councillor in Skellefteå.

The agreement between Skellefteå Municipality and SBB means that the municipality has control over the use of the property for a long time to come.

Long-term sustainable urban development

- SBB's clear focus on acting as a long-term sustainable community builder fits well with Skellefteå municipality's vision and objectives. My understanding is that they also see a strength in the vision of a cultural centre that dares, with the aim of being a dynamic meeting place that makes us think, feel and grow," says Lorents Burman (S), municipal councillor in Skellefteå.
- The new players who want to invest in Skellefteå are important and positive for our development. SBB's establishment is also a final important piece of the puzzle before the start of construction of the cultural centre. Now we can finally look forward to putting the shovel in the ground this autumn, says Kristina Sundin Jonsson, Skellefteå's municipal manager.


SBB i Norden AB currently has real estate assets of over SEK 20 billion. It focuses on socially important properties and is a long-term partner to some of Sweden's largest municipalities.
The company was founded in 2016 by Ilija Batljan, who is now the CEO. In 2017, SBB i Norden AB was named Real Estate Company of the Year, and the company is now one of the strongest players in the Nordic region with a focus on community real estate.

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21 December 2023