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Bygg din strategi för kompetensförsörjning - vad som krävs för att lyckas

Do you want to become better at retaining and attracting employees to develop the right skills over time? Submit an expression of interest for a consultation or workshop on "Tough competition - what it takes to succeed in skills supply" and get started on building a sustainable and realistic skills supply strategy tailored to your business.

Are you thinking about skills provision? Are you worried that skills shortages and cannibalisation with unhealthy wage spirals will become even worse?

Don't worry, because two experienced consultants are coming to Skellefteå who have previously contributed with great success in northern Sweden and especially in Luleå.

Keith Sivenbring, New Action and Maria Söderberg, DARE Consulting have been commissioned by the Luleå Business Region to develop the material "Future-proof skills supply - A method for successful and attractive companies". In total, 42 business leaders and HR professionals have participated in five training groups since 2020.

Now you have the opportunity to get the tools to succeed in skills supply and get help to set up a secure strategy that works for your business. This is through an initial conversation, followed by a workshop and expert advice.

See content and submit your expression of interest below:

Would your company like a free hour with skills supply experts so that you can jointly assess your company's prospects for skills supply success?

With representatives from your company, you will work with Keith and Maria on a concrete tool as a starting point for a future skills supply strategy.

What is required to participate?
Register two representatives from the management team using the form below. Once the registration is submitted we will contact you, limited number of places.

The workshop will provide you, as a manager, with inspiration, knowledge and tools to attract the right skills for your company's needs, both today and in the future. Together with other leaders from different sectors, the group will share their experiences and ideas to inspire new solutions. After the workshop, you will have the opportunity to sign up for individual expert advice for your company (two sessions x 1 hour).

Participants will gain insights into what is needed to create or develop their own skills supply strategy based on their company's needs and circumstances. You will gain a better understanding of the link between strategic skills provision and the competitiveness of your business.


  • Baseline analysis - Mapping your company's success factors.
  • Employer branding - How can you work with the employer brand?
  • The employee wheel - Attract, recruit, induct, develop, motivate and exit.
  • Change management - How do you get your employees on board?
  • Networking and exchange of experience between participating companies.
  • If you attend the workshop, you will receive two free sessions of expert advice.

Time and place

Will be updated before the start of the workshop.


Submit your expression of interest for the workshop, indicating whether you are interested in participating in the spring or autumn of 2023. Once enough companies have registered for the workshop, you will be contacted for a scheduled start.

After the workshop, your company will have the opportunity for expert advice.

The aim of the consultancy is for you as a manager to gain insights, knowledge and perspective from the outside on what you need to do to become an attractive employer.

The workshop will start with a simple mapping of your company's success factors and we will then discuss the different areas for development you have. We will develop an action plan of the actions and activities you need to do. In the subsequent discussion, we will review your progress and discuss the challenges you have encountered.

Keith and Maria both work as consultants in the field of talent management and employer branding and have worked on these issues with a wide range of companies. They will share good examples of what works in practice.


Contact our process managers;

Keith Sivenbring, New Action Consulting; works with communication, leadership and business development. Specializes in coaching and creating confident leaders and teams who understand what each needs to do to succeed in their tasks. Works with strategic competence supply, is mentor of the year at Almi Nord 2019 and chairman of the Management-Business Council in Luleå Näringsliv. 0730-504300, External link.

Maria Söderberg, DARE Consulting; works with competence management and HR. Worked as a recruitment consultant since 2004. Coach for clients of the Swedish Security Foundation, mentor through ALMI. Is chairman of Företagarna Luleå. Driven by meeting people in many different contexts. 0733-434343, External link.

There are a limited number of places so go in and register at once.


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