This is what the ACE building on campus will look like when completed. Photo: LINK Architecture

The green transition

What the landmark will look like - now the work on the ACE building is intensifying

Skellefteå's new landmark and base for the Arctic Center of Energy is now taking shape. At the same time, work on the content of the building is intensifying rapidly. As previously reported, the building will be a meeting place for actors who enable and accelerate the electrification of society.

The seven-storey building will offer office space, lab environments, flexible learning environments, event spaces and a restaurant. The building itself will also be a test environment where researchers, educational institutions, companies and public actors have access to advanced technology spaces and future energy systems.

- It will be a smart, connected building where development and testing will take place around the clock. Our test environments combine physical and digital aspects, enabling testing, simulation and implementation of cutting-edge electrification technologies," says Sanna Orellano, Head of Site and Business Development at the Arctic Center of Energy.

The development of the new building is in an intensive phase. During the fall, work will begin to investigate all technical solutions that will contribute to the building being both sustainable and innovative.

- "Our goals and ambitions for the building were very high right from the start. Therefore, it is fantastic to see that building contractors, architects and other actors have taken on the challenge with incredible enthusiasm and work tirelessly and committed to achieving the high sustainability ambitions, says Rickard Jonsson, sustainability manager support and premises, Skellefteå municipality.

Alla aktörer inom Ace-husets byggprojekt träffades inför nästa fas i projektet.

Alla aktörer inom Ace-husets byggprojekt träffades inför nästa fas i projektet.

The theme is reuse combined with the latest innovations in electrification and energy efficiency. The building will be certified in NollCO2, which means being at the forefront of the construction industry's climate work. Zero CO2 certification means that the property's total climate impact will be reduced by at least 30 percent compared to traditional construction.

- Climate impact is something that is really talked about in the construction industry and here in Skellefteå we have already taken big steps with wooden construction, the wooden building strategy and low-energy buildings. But of course we will challenge and constantly improve. Regarding "low climate impact", reuse is a key, and this is something that we will focus a lot on in the project. Since reuse in the construction industry is far from obvious and standardized, it is something that we need to develop new methods and working methods for. Therefore, it is gratifying that our partners have "taken the ball" and focus very much on these issues from the start, and they are looking for solutions. Although much remains to be solved, I feel confident that we will achieve our ambitious goals, and learn a lot along the way," says Jonsson.

Close cooperation with Skellefteå Kraft and energy expertise within the project ensures that the high ambitions for low energy use are met.

- At the same time, research and innovation projects are also underway to enable the ACE building's energy system to interact with the rest of the campus using cutting-edge energy solutions, says Sanna Orellano.

The Arctic Center of Energy is also one of the strategic investments made to attract both more educational actors and students to Skellefteå.

- If you want to be involved in driving the green transition, or educate yourself in electrification, this is the place to be. This is where it happens, says Sanna Orellano.

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Arctic Center of Energy

Is a world-leading competence center that accelerates the electrification of society. Through cutting-edge research and pioneering education, the Arctic Center of Energy creates the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the sustainable energy transition.

The Arctic Center of Energy, based in Skellefteå, offers a unique meeting place, test bed and lab environment for the world's leading players in electrification. Luleå University of Technology, Northvolt, Skellefteå Kraft, RISE and Skellefteå Municipality are behind the initiative.

Sanna Orellano och Rickard Jonsson.


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