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Extraordinary or quite ordinary

Most people who apply to Campus Skellefteå have a passion they want to express, realise, even experience. It may be something extraordinary, but it may also be quite ordinary. Like being the best in the world in PC game design or making a career change from shop attendant to nurse, without having to relocate, or recruiting people who work for global welfare. As a venue for all these strong wills, our task is to make sure that all the peripheral elements fall into place.

Student life in Skellefteå

Skellefteå offers a wide variety of activities for every taste and for everyone. There are things to do, sights to see, and attractions to experience. You can find activities for every day of the week, whether you prefer the great outdoors or staying indoors. Explore centuries-old attractions, enjoy exciting outdoor activities, and discover numerous things to do right here in Skellefteå and its surroundings.

The jobs are in Skellefteå

Welcome home!

The job market is growing in Skellefteå with thousands of jobs and Sweden's lowest unemployment rate, there are attractive jobs in whatever industry you are active in!

Welcome home to Sweden’ best job market!


  • HSS 2025 - Sweden's largest collaboration conference comes to Skellefteå

    In 2025, Campus Skellefteå, together with Luleå University of Technology, will host Sweden's largest collaboration conference, Higher Education and Society in Collaboration (HSS). A conference focusing on how we can solve today's and tomorrow's societal challenges through collaboration and how can collaboration between academia, business, civil society and the public sector be developed and strengthened and what Skellefteå has to offer.

  • From idea to reality

    The appetite for innovation has never been greater in Skellefteå, and the eyes of the world are turning to the north. To harness the many ideas born here, there are a number of organizations with expertise in business development and entrepreneurship. We met two Skellefteå professionals who help young innovators turn their dreams into reality.

  • Naser found a world-class research team at Campus Skellefteå

    At Campus Skellefteå, electrical engineer Naser Nakhodchi found a research team with cutting-edge expertise and the opportunity to combine family life with a demanding PhD position at LTU. Now he will soon finish his PhD, take the step into Northvolt and after four intense years, the whole family has put down roots in Skellefteå. - For a family with children, it is a fantastic city - quiet and beautiful. It's easy to feel comfortable," says Naser Nakhodchi. This spring, Naser Nakhodchi starts his new position at Northvolt in Skellefteå. He comes most recently from a PhD position at LTU where he researched harmonics in low voltage networks. For example, it can be about how new connections affect the existing network, how the connection of electric cars and solar cells affects a 50-year-old electricity network that is built for completely different stresses. - "I didn't really have any plans to go back to school. We were living in Malmö and I was looking for work in southern Sweden. To be honest, I didn't even know about Skellefteå at that point," says Naser Nakhodchi. For a family with children, it is a fantastic city - quiet and beautiful. But then a well-known name appeared in his LinkedIn inbox. It was Professor Math Bollen from LTU who recommended a PhD position in Skellefteå - an exciting research area with an internationally recognized research team. - There are few universities in the world that work with this particular area, and the group is well known - perhaps top ten globally. 'About 100 qualified people applied for the position, so it was a big deal when I got it. So now the move took place, 140 km from Malmö to Skellefteå. Initially, the family lived in an apartment that the university helped with, but after a year they broke ground on the plot on Morö Backe where they have now built their house. And there is no doubt that the family likes the area. - "People here are very open and kind and we have great neighbors. In bigger cities it can be difficult to get in, but here it's easier. Her daughter quickly found friends at school and plays every day with the other children in the area. Overall, the move has gone very smoothly. His wife Maryam Mottahedin found a job within a month - first as a teacher and then with the organization Save the Children. Her eldest daughter has settled in at the English school and her younger sister will start preschool in May. - Of course, living this far north has its drawbacks: a little too dark and cold in the winter, a little too light in the summer. But for a family with children it is a fantastic city - quiet and beautiful. Naser sees the fact that Campus Skellefteå is relatively small compared to other university areas as an advantage. Not least that adult education is located in the same area. - "I could take a Swedish course in the building next to my office. It's also easy to feel comfortable, you know everyone who works on the campus and people are incredibly kind and inviting to everyone who comes there. Of all the places I have lived, studied and worked, I like Skellefteå best.

  • The campus family - finding a home in Skellefteå

    What is it like to leave your friends and family to study in a new city? Friends Eh Soe, Martin Ingemarsson, Diana Alistar and Jakob Gardelin all come from different parts of Sweden and met at Campus Skellefteå. - Student life here is great fun! Many are active in the association and you become very close, says Martin Ingemarsson. Almost 90 percent of all students at Campus Skellefteå are immigrants from elsewhere in Sweden and the world. Many are attracted by innovative programs focused on the tech and gaming industry, including Martin Ingemarsson who comes from Kinna, 20 miles southwest of Borås. He really had no plans to move this far north, but when he - a week before the start of the course - received the admission notice to an LTU program in 3D graphics on Campus Skellefteå, everything went very quickly. - I have a background in theater and wanted to do something creative - this education felt just right. We were the first wave of students to move into the student barracks and I think that helped socially. You get close to each other, for better or worse, and there was quickly a very good cohesion here, says Martin Ingemarsson. "I hadn't participated much in the student association's activities before, but here I became curious and showed up to help. Today, Martin is one of seven people who volunteer to run the student pub Traversen, or Travven as it is called, on campus - a meeting place for students that is open on Fridays and Saturdays. - At Travven you can hang out with friends, meet students from other courses and it's often where the student association's events take place. Students volunteer behind the bar, it's fun and you don't need any previous experience from bar work, says Martin Ingemarsson.

  • The flight school of the future is in Skellefteå

    Electric flights, northern lights and personal development - the Green Flight Academy in Skellefteå attracts students from all over the world to a new kind of flight school in the north. - The aviation industry is undergoing major changes. We want to build the pilots of the future as confident and soft leaders, says Cecilia Holmlund, site manager at Green Flight Academy. At Skellefteå Airport, aspiring pilots gather for the world's most sustainable flight school. In the spring of 2024, the first students will graduate from the Green Flight Academy - where large parts of the training take place with electric flights. But the training is not limited to electric flights, it includes all elements for a commercial flight certificate. This allows you to apply for a job as an airline pilot. Once there, you have to take a special course for the plane you are going to fly," says Cecilia Holmlund, site manager at the Green Flight Academy. Students from all over the world In August 2021, Sweden's most powerful electricity supply for aviation was inaugurated at Skellefteå Airport and a few months later the first two permanently placed electric aircraft arrived at Green Flight Academy. With students from Australia, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands, among others, the program is an international melting pot, and for many applicants, the opportunity to experience northern Sweden was a big part of the attraction. - The theoretical training takes place on Campus Skellefteå and the student accommodation is 150 meters from the flight school and ten minutes from the city center. "Here the future pilots get to live student life with the other students - it has been very much appreciated," says Cecilia Holmlund.

  • This is a place where dreams come true

    How do you attract aspiring entrepreneurs with an idea? Skellefteå is home to the unique support organization SmartUp, which supports idea creators – whether the dream was born around a dinner table in Skellefteå or in a workshop in Aleppo, Syria. We met Jenny Moberg and Therese Johansson, who have been nominated for SmartUp of the Year, and Mohamad Sassila, who is living his dream.

  • Where crazy ideas become success stories

    How could Skråmträsk, of all places, become the filming location for something as thrilling as a horror movie? The village is a magnet for families with children and cozy café visits, and virtually every other farmhouse is occupied by a skilled traditional craftsman. We paid a visit to a charming hamlet that never ceases to amaze.

    Familj på fika
  • They left Birmingham for Skellefteå: ”Simpler family life here”

    When Ellen and Kristopher Vanes decided to leave the village of Stonnall, just north of Birmingham in England, and move to another country, they chose Skellefteå in Sweden. After thorough research they found that the Swedish east coast ticked all the boxes, and their move to the village of Klutmark, just outside of Skellefteå, turned out to be the perfect choice for the couple and their sons Seth, 6, Isaac, 5, and Noah, 1. – Here, there is more focus on family life than in England. Our salaries are higher, the house prices are reasonable and the boys enjoy the Swedish school and preschool much better, says Ellen.

  • Living in Skellefteå - read what you like

    Campus Skellefteå brings together a healthy mix of long-distance migrants, home-grown locals, distance students and international PhD students with one thing in common: they have all chosen Skellefteå as their base for study and work. Three of them are Anna Sundgren, Antonia Alba and Erik Okfors.