The name is inspired by Sara Lidman, one of Sweden's leading authors. In Skellefteå's development and on the way to the goal of 90,000 inhabitants by 2030, culture and tourism have a given place. The culture house opened in the fall of 2021.

Sara Kulturhus should be a natural meeting place for everyone, where different cultural and art forms come together, inspire and challenge each other. A large and flexible house provides the opportunity to host major congresses, touring shows, galas, exhibitions and competitions. This means that Skellefteå continues to grow and be an attractive place to visit, live and work.

By combining cultural events with meetings, dining experiences and premium hotels, conditions are created for a well-visited building with a wide range of opportunities that Skellefteå has not had before.

Together with local and international players in construction technology and energy, the goal was to create an environmentally friendly, sustainable and energy-efficient building. The fact that the building's frame and facade are made of wood is also in line with Skellefteå municipality's wood construction strategy and ambitions for sustainable construction.

Sara Kulturhus is a unique building where several different activities and content interact, which places high demands on physical flexibility and transformation. Something that streamlines the building's utilization rate, but also makes the building complex and challenging. A cultural center that dares!

Skellefteå municipality
Skellefteå industrihus

About the building

Sara Kulturhus is one of the world's tallest wooden buildings with its 20 floors and extends about 80 meters from the ground.

The cultural center has a total of six stages, two galleries, a library and a foyer with an open and inviting floor plan. The cultural center is home to the Västerbottensteatern, Skellefteå konsthall, the City Library and Museum Anna Nordlander (MAN).

The building also houses a brand new hotel with a spa and three restaurants.

Take part of the opening day on the municipality's Youtube channel. External link.

On Visit Skellefteå's website External link. you can read more and watch the video Storys from Sweden.

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