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The new Kapella neighborhood gets new apartments and a pleasant urban environment

Five new high-rise buildings with around 300 apartments in total will be built between Kanalgatan and Södra Järnvägsgatan to create a more inviting city center. They will be completed in the fall of 2027.

There is a great need for housing in Skellefteå, but also for a city that feels more cohesive. In the city center, there are currently undeveloped plots of land, so-called gap plots, and the Kapella block is designated as one of them. By building on vacant lots, the blocks are closed, which contributes to a more inviting city.

First up is the northwest corner, on the site where the store Karamelltåget used to be. HSB will build two buildings with a total of 87 apartments. One building will be four stories high and the other twelve stories high. The roofs will have solar panels to contribute to the energy supply and the buildings are connected by a shared courtyard with play areas, seating areas, a pergola and a greenhouse. The building is being designed to achieve the Miljöbyggnad silver certification which means it will be built with sustainable materials and have a good sound environment and ventilation.

A part of the building where the gym Friskis and Svettis is located and a property on the corner of Repslagargränd/Kanalgatan are also affected.

The Kapella block consists of several properties owned by different property owners. The municipality has drawn up a planning program for the area, as parts of the block are about to be developed. The program offers suggestions but since all the land is privately owned, it is up to the owners how they proceed.


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