Northvolt's battery factory to be built in Skellefteå

In the autumn of 2017, it became clear that the company Northvolt had chosen Skellefteå as the location for its planned battery factory. A research operation will be located in Västerås. The total investment until 2023 is estimated at up to 4 billion Euros, most of which will be invested in Skellefteå.
- We are pleased with the announcement. This could be one of the largest establishments in Europe. The choice of Skellefteå is a message of strength for the whole of northern Sweden," says Lorents Burman, municipal councillor in Skellefteå.

Today's announcement means that Northvolt intends to locate what could be Europe's largest lithium-ion battery production plant in Skellefteå. The factory is expected to provide upwards of 2000-2500 jobs and will mean local and regional development in several areas.

- Skellefteå has shown that we have the necessary conditions for an establishment of this kind. We can offer 100 percent renewable energy production, an attractive site, a well-functioning port, rail, proximity to communications and also a high quality of life with the opportunity to quickly increase the construction of housing and schools that will be needed, says Kristina Sundin Jonsson, Mayor of Skellefteå.
Hans Kreisel, CEO of Skellefteå Kraft, wants to remind everyone of the continuation and give all involved a commendation:

- This process has been a team effort from day one. Now we are taking on the intensive work that continues and are prepared to meet every step of the schedule.
Northvolt's ambition is to put the shovel in the ground in the second half of 2018 and have the first quarter of the plant completed and in production by 2020. When fully built in 2023, the factory will produce a total of 32 GWh of battery capacity per year.

- Skellefteå meets all the basic conditions for the establishment of the plant in an outstanding way. We also see a great advantage in being able to use Skellefteå's renewable energy supply," says Peter Carlsson, founder and CEO, Northvolt.

People in the picture, from left:
Christoffer Svanberg, Business Area Manager Skellefteå Kraft, Helena Renström, Marketing Manager Skellefteå Municipality, Bengt Ivansson, Business Manager Skellefteå Municipality, Lorents Burman (S), Municipal Councillor Skellefteå Municipality, Maria Marklund (S), Municipal Councillor Skellefteå Municipality, Alf Marklund, Chairman of the Board of Skellefteå Kraft, Hans Andersson, Head of Public Works Skellefteå Municipality, Hans Kreisel, CEO Skellefteå Kraft, Kristina Sundin Jonsson, Head of Skellefteå Municipality and Andreas Löwenhöök (M), Opposition Councillor Skellefteå Municipality.


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2 March 2023