The battery factory: holistic change in society

The decision on the battery factory was made not long ago, but work is already underway. At the moment it's all about land surveys and tendering, but the hope is to start land planning and road and rail construction soon. However, the actual construction of the factory is only a small part of what is happening.

Nobody has missed the fact that Skellefteå is at full speed right now. Work on Northvolt's establishment is in full swing. But what is actually happening?
- Geotechnical investigations are currently being carried out on the site to find out what the ground looks like and how it should be worked to make a good industrial area. This involves, for example, seeing if there are any rocks and planning any blasting and moving of masses," says Mikael Lindmark, project manager at Skellefteå Kraft. At the end of March, Skellefteå Kraft will present requests for tenders for contractors to prepare the site, extend the existing railway in the area, extend Torsgatan and build water and sewage to the area.
- These will be the physical jobs that will first appear and that work will probably start during April or May. The Torsgatan extension is three kilometres. It's a big job, and it's been a long time since so much was built in Skellefteå. We have planned a two-year construction period for the street and the railway. In addition, there are a few months of work for the completion. Mikael also says that the project is of interest to everyone in the whole municipality and in Norrland. Groundwork is only one part.
- It's about electricity connections, district heating, steam and process water, broadband etcetera. Many pieces. This is positive for the whole municipality, but at the moment mainly for those who work with design and land contracts.

- This could be one of Europe's largest establishments. The choice of Skellefteå is a message of strength for the whole of northern Sweden," says Lorents Burman, municipal councillor in Skellefteå.

When asked about the side effects of the Northvolt decision, Lars Hedqvist, head of planning at Skellefteå municipality, says that Skellefteå has seen positive development over the past two years, with more people moving in and a fertile business community.
- It would be easy to say that the progress we are making today is entirely due to Northvolt, but that's not really the case. We were already making efforts to pave the way for the 80,000 population target. Northvolt deciding to come here is the icing on the cake. Other industries that were already coming here have been strengthened in their choice. Of course, there are also some companies that want to establish themselves because Northvolt has announced that they are generating a great need for logistics, for example, says Lars Hedqvist and continues:
- Northvolt is talking about 2,500 people in the workforce. This will lead to increased commuting from the local area as well as immigration both nationally and internationally. It will bring about a total change in society that will affect many people. The construction alone will provide thousands of jobs which in turn will boost shops, restaurants, hotels, transport companies, builders, those working in electrical, plumbing, machinery and installations. All this shows that Skellefteå is an attractive place to live, which in turn increases the willingness to invest in the municipality. All in all, it has a very big impact.


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2 March 2023