Skellefteå is growing - do you want to be part of it?

Skellefteå has the highest per capita investment in Sweden right now. We are talking about at least 60 billion in the private and public sectors up to 2030, and there are many indications that Skellefteå will be one of Sweden's main growth zones in the 2020s. Both companies and public actors in Skellefteå municipality are working hard to achieve the expected growth.
For those interested in premises for establishment, there are many property owners to contact for proposals. In the central parts of Skellefteå, for example, Diös and Nordvestor have several properties, and in the industrial areas NP3 is among the larger property owners.

The largest owner of commercial properties is the municipal company Skellefteå Industrihus, which owns, manages and develops some 60 properties with a total floor area of approximately 285,000 square metres. Anna Ersson, customer and marketing manager, has a handy tip for anyone looking for premises:
- Go and look at External link.. That's where we and most other property owners in the municipality post vacant premises.

Anna Ersson also recommends the Svalan office building, which will be completed in 2021 and will then be Sweden's tallest wooden office building with its seven floors.
- Svalan has a really great location by the river, right next to the bridge link to the E4 bridge.

Best starting point

For those who want good advice on setting up in the Skellefteå region, the Business Office at Skellefteå Municipality is the best starting point.
- If a company wants to set up in Skellefteå, the first contact is with us at the Business Office. Depending on what the company needs help with, we coordinate contacts within Skellefteå municipality and possibly external parties for, for example, premises or land," says business manager Anja Palm.

The Business Office also has a business helpline where companies that want to establish themselves in the municipality or develop their business can turn to for support and help.

Areas and facilities for growth

Skellefteå Municipality is also developing new areas for commercial activities.
- We are currently developing and planning two major business areas at Hedensbyn in connection with Northvolt. New areas are being planned for the south and Anderstorp, and there are development plans for an expansion of the business area at Näsudden in Skelleftehamn, says Patrik Larsen, head of land and development at Skellefteå municipality.
- But we are also seeing increased interest in the outlying areas, partly as a result of very high pressure on land in Skellefteå, but also because more people are discovering that the outlying areas can serve an equally good purpose and also at a lower price, says Patrik.

He also wants to emphasise that there are other opportunities in the areas where the municipality has sold out of its plots.
- In Hedensbyn, for example, there is a lot of investment by property owners who are building both for themselves and for new businesses and who are planning to sell premises in condominium form, or rent them out. So it's a good time to keep an eye out in general for anyone looking for premises," says Patrik.

Are you interested in setting up in Skellefteå? Click on the links below for information on available land, properties and premises. External link. External link.

Skellefteå's areas for retail, office and industry

Its central location along the E4 motorway and proximity to the city centre make Anderstorp an attractive area for trade, small industry and offices. Jula, among others, will move here to newly built premises. At Anderstorp there are a number of new plots with groundwork already prepared. Once the zoning plan for these has been approved, construction of more new establishments will begin.

Bergsbyn is being developed for the establishment of energy-intensive industry, including Northvolt's battery factory. Bergsbyn also has room for other businesses, with proximity to road 372, the E4 and the port.

Bureå is a town about 20 km south of Skellefteå along the E4 motorway. It has a mix of shops, offices and small industries. Bureå is strategically located, close to both Skellefteå Airport and the Port of Skellefteå. In addition, a regional train station for the Norrbotniabanan will be built here, further increasing communication opportunities. In Bureå there are a number of plots, both large and small, for those looking for industrial land in a good location.

Byske is a tourist magnet along the E4 about 30 km north of Skellefteå - the five-star campsite and seaside resort is a well-established tourist destination along with its world-famous salmon fishing in the Byske River, which flows into the town. There are a number of industrial sites directly adjacent to the E4 motorway. From Byske it is 50 km to Piteå and here too there will be a regional train station for the Norrbotniabanan.

Degerbyn is a central area for small industries and office activities. The municipality has sold out of plots here and a number of new developments are underway. You can easily get to Degerbyn by car, bus or bicycle.

Hedensbyn is a purely industrial area with some parts suitable for heavy, space-intensive industry. At present, large areas are earmarked for establishment and a number of new developments are underway. Hedensbyn is adjacent to the Northvolt establishment area.

Kåge is located about a mile north of Skellefteå with good transport links, close to the E4, the sea and the marina. Solbackens Handelsområde can be reached in about ten minutes by car. In Kåge there is a stock of shops, small industry, offices and industrial sites. There are plots with E4 location.

The Port of Skellefteå in Skelleftehamn is a centre for industry where Boliden/Rönnskär and Kuusakoski are located. The port is being expanded and upgraded to a deep-water port to meet the increased transport needs of the industrial sector and make shipping part of the solution for sustainable transport. The Port of Skellefteå is located adjacent to the railway and close to Skelleftehamn, which has schools, restaurants, commerce and good public transport. The planned industrial area Näsudden is also directly adjacent to Port of Skellefteå.

Skellefteå Airport is located 20 minutes from Skellefteå and is Västerbotten's second largest airport, with a strategic location between Luleå and Umeå.

Solbacken is a commercial area along the E4, just north of central Skellefteå. There is a mix of retail, small industry, manufacturing and offices. On an area by the E4, 24 turnkey premises are being built in private ownership. There are also a few hectares of land for sale.

Sörböle has a new industrial area of 35 hectares for large and small companies, with a good distance to residential areas. The area has good communications to quickly connect to the E4, Skellefteå Airport and the city centre. In 2021, streets and water and sewer lines will be extended. Once the zoning plan has become law, the plots will be put up for sale, but it is possible to register your interest now.

With its proximity to Northvolt's battery factory, Ursviken will become an even more attractive location for those looking for industrial land. There are already good communications through road 372, which passes through the community from Skelleftehamn into Skellefteå.


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