Skelleftea's showroom shows the strengths of the location to the world

Sweden is set to become one of the world's first fossil-free welfare countries, and Skellefteå is located in the middle of the country's most expansive and prosperous region. This is the birthplace of new industry and there is great interest in the location. As part of this, Showroom Skellefteå is opening its doors in The Great Northern - it will be the first stop for visitors who want to take part in Skellefteå's innovative business community and exciting future.
- We are in a unique situation and we will convey this story in a professional and relevant way, says Malin Burlin Lundmark, coordinator at Skellefteå Science City.

In Skellefteå, 4,000 new homes will be built and 4,000 new jobs created in the coming years. At the moment, some 40 new businesses are being set up. It is here in northern Sweden that the largest investments in Sweden are currently being made - over the next five years, SEK 80 billion will be invested in Skellefteå alone. Interest in the construction and investment boom that we are now experiencing has been growing over the years.

- The number of Technical Visits has increased significantly in Skellefteå in recent years. In 2019 alone, more than 2000 hours were spent welcoming visitors who wanted to learn about Skellefteå's development, says Malin.

Many visits are linked to the region's areas of strength: renewable energy, sustainable extraction and recycling of metals, and sustainable construction. Now the message will be sharpened so that visitors can also learn about the entrepreneurship and innovation that has created the world-leading companies in the Skellefteå region today.

- This is a much sought-after service for those visiting Skellefteå to invest, for example, or for those who want to learn about best practice and gain inspiration. The Showroom will be an exhibition showcasing local companies' proactive innovation projects, Malin explains.

Close cooperation for the good of Skellefteå

The showroom is now ready in TGN, the Great Northern's business innovation house and the perfect place to showcase Skellefteå's development.

- It will be a fitting showcase and it can be adapted to what visitors are looking for. A strength we have in Skellefteå is that many companies have not only been involved in the design, but they are the ones who make the showroom and its content. This willingness to collaborate is an enabler and something unique to Skellefteå - here we want to lift the whole of Skellefteå and be seen together," says Malin.

Behind the investment in Showroom Skellefteå are Skellefteå Kraft and Holmen, Boliden, Skellefteå Municipality, Sara Kulturhus, Visit Skellefteå, Skellefteå Science City, and Arctic Business, but the hope is that more companies will see the opportunities with a partnership and join in.

"Professional initiative"

Jesper Åkerlund is CEO of Martinsons Byggsystem, which since October 2020 is part of Holmen trävaror - he has extensive experience of Technical Visits, both as a visitor and organiser.

- I think it's a good initiative, it's one of the more professional ones I've seen in Sweden. We have a great need to be in a context in Skellefteå where there is a lot going on, and I think I know that many other companies also have that desire. Martinsons byggsystem receives frequent requests from industry professionals who want to visit us and the projects we are involved in, so this is a welcome venture," says Jesper.

As the battery factory takes shape as one of the largest industrial ventures in Europe, many eyes are turning to the region - curious to learn about the latest in green transformation.

- There's a clear sense of self-esteem among those who live and work here. Everyone wants to have a foot in the door and feel the tailwind because it will lead to continued business and development of the businesses we have in place," says Jesper.

Skellefteå Kraft is also one of the major power producers in Sweden with a significant renewable energy portfolio and can in this way showcase how it can contribute to a renewable transition and electrification of society.

- It is very welcome that we will have a showroom in Skellefteå, it is a gateway to the region and showcases our strong industries and companies. It is suitable for many target groups; customers, those who live here, those who want to move here, politicians and those who want to create collaborations or establish themselves in Skellefteå, says Catarina Hägglund, Head of Communications and Sustainability at Skellefteå Kraft.

- I also believe in continued development with VR technology and digital solutions to showcase businesses that are limited to visit physically, so we can become even more accessible, says Catarina.

For questions or bookings, please contact Malin Burlin Lundmark, Showroom Skellefteå at 070-609 91 25 or


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2 March 2023