Tim was recruited before graduation

Tim Hisved from Boliden got a permanent job before graduating from Balder High School's electrical and energy programme this summer. The 18-year-old works as an apprentice at Boliden Electro and took time off work during his final year of high school to go to school.

-A different but good solution, where both parties knew where we stood, says Tim.

Tim has always had a keen interest in technology, which is why he chose to study electricity and energy. At the end of his first year, he made a strategic choice when he decided to specialise in the automation of industrial processes.

- There is a great future in this field in Skellefteå. There are plenty of companies here with automated manufacturing and great opportunities for varied jobs and chances to develop at work," says Tim. He doesn't mince words about the high level of the electricity and energy programme.

- The teachers are incredibly good, and one proof of that was the competition for the World Vocational Championships. A large proportion of the students in our class placed in the top third in Sweden. And when I had to go down to the SM in Växjö this spring, I came third. That was fun," says Tim and continues:

- Many people think that there is no opportunity to continue studying after a vocational upper secondary education, but that's not true. The education is very broad and you can add subjects that give you a good qualification for college or university studies.

Jobs after the traineeship

Tim and his classmates had several internships with companies, and in his first year he worked at Boliden Electro, whose offices are just a few hundred metres from his parents' home in Boliden.

- I thought they were working on interesting stuff, so a few weeks after the internship I got in touch about a summer job. I wanted to continue working during holidays and vacations, so last year we signed an agreement for permanent employment, which made it safe, primarily for me. I took leave during school hours, but was able to work on holidays and sometimes even half-days when school ended early," says Tim.

He graduated in June and now he can focus wholeheartedly on his work as an apprentice at Boliden Electro.

- I've been thinking about further education, but I'm not quite sure in which field. So it will be all work for at least a year before I decide," he says.

"Want to secure the best"

Jens Holmqvist is CEO of Boliden Electro and saw early on that Tim had the interest and aptitude for the job.

- He had a good development curve during his training and always wants to learn more and work extra. We've tried to do what we can to build on what Tim has learned at school," says Jens.

Like many employers, he sees a challenge in finding the right skills.

- Yes, at least in the upper Norrland, it's a big deal in our industry. As it is today, there are no experienced electricians to hire, so we want to secure the best available resources on the market and bring them on board as early as possible. This is where Tim's interest has given him a head start. As he also lives in and is from Boliden, it felt right on all counts," says Jens.


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2 March 2023