Supply of skills

International expertise part of Altio's natural growth

The region's high demand for technology and process skills with a focus on innovation and sustainability attracted Hossein Ali Pour, 33, to Skellefteå.

He now works at the forefront of the green transition through a stimulating hydrogen project as a consultant at Altio.

- I see a promising future here in Skellefteå, says Hossein.

In 2021, Hossein decided to come to Sweden from his native Iran to develop his international experience and learn even better English. Sweden appealed to me!

- I started speaking English when I was younger, but I wanted to develop my technical skills and see the world. Sweden seemed like a country that could suit me, except for the snow, says Hossein with a twinkle in his eye.

Via Halmstad University, where he took his second master's degree in mechanical engineering, he then got a job in Skellefteå for a subcontractor to Northvolt. There he gained good experience before the profession once again took him south to the west coast and Gothenburg.

However, the desire to once again be part of the driving region in the north became too strong and he decided to move back to Skellefteå. That's when Hossein's path crossed with the consulting company Altio's and it was no coincidence.

- Hossein was recommended to us by a client and we couldn't be more pleased with our first international recruitment. The important thing is not where you come from - we look for people who fit into our company culture, who are open-minded and trustworthy. We are not used to speaking English in the coffee room, we are a local player and proud of it, but we have realized that we need to step out of our comfort zone and become more attractive to international employees if we are to find the right workforce in the future, says Fredrik Sundvall, business manager at Altio.

Altio currently has 32 employees in Skellefteå but according to Fredrik wants to grow further.

- We see strong growth in the region and our ambition is to continue to recruit to our three business areas; process, technology and leadership. The greatest demand at the moment is for engineers in technology, like Hossein.

- Everyone wants an engineer with 15 years of experience, preferably with international experience in the battery industry. But such experts are rare and do not grow on trees. Therefore, we are open to searching outside Skellefteå. Since we have international customers who prefer to communicate in English, we see it as an advantage to broaden our consultants' background and experience.

Hossein himself thinks that he has found the right place in Skellefteå and at Altio.

- I am so happy that it can feel this right! Now I work as a designer and mechanical engineer and am in the middle of a hydrogen project. We will help the customer with their first filling station, which is very stimulating and I feel that I am contributing to something that makes a difference, says Hossein.

The implementation of the onboarding process has been smooth and efficient.

- I quickly learned Altio's core values and culture. Everyone is just so friendly and supportive and wants to give me a lot of advice on how to live in Norrland and Skellefteå.

Apart from the work, there is much that is new to Hossein - the culture, the food, the weather and the colleagues.

- Altio has been so supportive since day one, they are good at organizing activities outside of work and they even helped me arrange an apartment in the middle of the city. Everything has worked out both on and off the job, so I'm happy in Skellefteå.


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21 December 2023