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From idea to reality

The appetite for innovation has never been greater in Skellefteå, and the eyes of the world are turning to the north. To harness the many ideas born here, there are a number of organizations with expertise in business development and entrepreneurship. We met two Skellefteå professionals who help young innovators turn their dreams into reality.

Campus Skellefteå is bubbling with creativity and innovation in everything from computer games and electric power to wood technology. New innovations are constantly being born here, but how do you make sure your idea does not get stuck in the desk drawer? Sofia Gullholm is area manager at LTU Business, which assists universities with innovation advice and helps students and researchers to take the next step from drawing board to market.

- At LTU Business we have a self-developed innovation process and can meet a student who has identified a need. Our mission is to support early phases of commercialization of research results - to guide you in how to take the next step simply, says Sofia.

LTU Business brings together strategists, business developers, project managers and experts in a number of areas. The focus is on promoting the development of northern Sweden, and the green transition.

- We support researchers who have found something that through commercialization can make a difference in society. If the project is linked to the university, free advice is available from us. The working group is often research-heavy, but lacks entrepreneurial skills - that's where we come in," says Sofia.

She emphasizes the importance of daring to test your ideas, to get external input at an early stage on how the project can be developed and moved forward.

- Dare to believe in your own power of ideas! The worst that can happen is that you walk away with new tools for the next time you have an idea to develop.

One way forward for students in or from Skellefteå is the Sammes Foundation. It was created in 2007 after entrepreneur Samme Lindmark and his wife donated a sum of money to promote young Skellefteans' interest in entrepreneurship. Since then, around SEK 8 million has been distributed to students.

- "You don't have to be studying in Skellefteå to be eligible for the scholarship, we are also looking for young people from Skellefteå who are studying in other places," says Jörgen Markgren, contact person for the Sammes Foundation.

Their summer scholarship creates time for the scholarship holder to develop in the field they are studying. On May 24, 2023, 20 summer scholars gathered to receive a scholarship of SEK 30,000 each, and they also got to participate in this year's edition of the Creative Summit.

- New for this year is that we also distribute SEK 100,000 to the project or projects that have the greatest importance for the development of Skellefteå's business community. Another novelty for this year is the collaboration with Idéforum, which this year co-finances four scholarships.

Over the years, there are many examples of smart innovations and successful companies that got their start via the Sammes Foundation.

- One of the most fantastic examples is probably the game studio Arrowhead, which applied to us and now has 70-80 employees. But we are most proud that we have contributed to so many Skellefteå talents having the opportunity to develop and improve in their fields, says Jörgen.

Read more about how you can apply for a scholarship from the Sammes Foundation at At you can also see more about how LTU Business can help you take the next step with your idea.


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