Chiropractic College to be established in Skellefteå: "Great job opportunities"

Skandinaviska Kiropraktorhögskolan, which has been in Stockholm since 1983, is expanding its operations to Campus Skellefteå starting in the fall of 2024.

- Now we will be closer to students who wish to train locally, which increases accessibility and gives more people the opportunity to train for a profession where the chance of a job is very high, says Gordana Gedin, Rector.

Skandinaviska Kiropraktorhögskolan offers Sweden's only license-based education in chiropractic and has its campus in Solna, next to Karolinska Institutet.

The education is characterized by a balance between theory and practice that makes it highly appreciated.

- We have a solid five-year program that is second only to medical school in length. The program is unique as it combines in-depth theoretical knowledge with practical skills, our goal is to ensure that our students become proficient in both examining and treating patients. Therefore, we put a lot of emphasis on practical training and this also contributes to our high throughput rate, many of them pass, says Gordana.

The first semester can be studied remotely on certain occasions (summer semester, for example). Then it is site-bound when it comes to compulsory elements and examinations.

Foto: Skandinaviska Kiropraktorhögskolan

This is the first time the School of Chiropractic has gone beyond its own campus.

- The collaboration with Skellefteå is a development we view very positively! Campus Skellefteå has experience of managing programs that initially start as branches, and the city's strategic location between Luleå and Umeå is a great advantage. Our goal is to develop the program to be independent and fully established directly on site in Skellefteå.

As a result of the university's establishment, it will hopefully contribute to the local community in Skellefteå with future healthcare professionals.

- We have taken part in Skellefteå's rapid growth, so we see a growing need for qualified healthcare professionals. The need is generally great throughout the country so the job opportunities for graduates of the program are really good, partly thanks to the practical service that is included in the education so you get out into the working world quickly. Now we also hope to attract more women to the profession, she says.

Initially, the university will offer 25 study places, with the aim of expanding the program over time.

Foto: Skandinaviska Kiropraktorhögskolan

The School of Chiropractic appreciates its research collaboration with Karolinska Institutet, which contributes to a high standard of education and gives students access to research at the highest level.

- This is a collaboration that enriches our education and gives our students opportunities to engage in research in the health care field. It is inspiring that Skellefteå municipality was so positive about contributing to the research in different ways. This allows us to locate projects in Skellefteå, which would provide exciting clinical comparisons. After all, there are two regions that work differently based on health economic aspects, so I think we can contribute a lot there, says Gordana.

She also sees the fact that Campus Skellefteå has a strong computer game character as a win-win in the future.

- It is inspiring that we share a campus with several games and IT programs. It opens up exciting opportunities to use animation technology and equipment for the movement research that is central to chiropractic, which can be incredibly valuable, she says.


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3 April 2024