Adults' motives for starting to study are different. You may want to develop your professional skills and advance in your career. Some want to complete studies that hadbeen started earlier, and others study for fun or because you have a specific goal. If you have chosen to study elsewhere but live in Skellefteå, you may be entitled to a number of benefits such as commuting grants, the opportunity to take an exam remotely or other help in your studies via Campus services.

No matter why you choose to study, studying enriches your life. Adult studies offer new social contacts and contribute to personal development and increased well-being.

In Skellefteå, we have a housing guarantee for students on Campus Skellefteå's two universities; the only requirement is that your education is at least 18 weeks long.

Opportunities on Campus

Campus Skellefteå houses departments from both Luleå University of Technology and Umeå University, as well as close collaboration with Mälardalen University and Folkuniversitetet. In addition, you can take advantage of international universities' offerings via online courses from some of the world's best universities.

It is no coincidence that the gaming industry has grown strong in Skellefteå. At Campus Skellefteå you will find several gaming-relevant courses in the area and a creative cluster with meeting places for game developers - including game jams, lectures, pitch competitions, trips to game fairs and the annual Arctic Game Conference.

The YH courses are shorter than the university’s and are developed in close collaboration with companies in industries that are looking for competent employees. Campus Skellefteå includes education in games, IT and creative industries, industry and manufacturing, as well as healthcare and society. Here, Campus functions as a node in Vigeo - a new test and demonstration environment for digitization and digital infrastructure for lifelong learning.


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