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Curious about life in Skellefteå? Here is everything you need to know about life as a Skellefteå resident. Housing, family life, leisure and career.

One of Skellefteå’s main advantages is that you have more time and less stress. The short commutes and easy life simply make things better. In Skellefteå you can live safely and comfortably but also explore new dreams.

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Skellefteå is flourishing and we need you and your skills. With several thousand jobs becoming available and Sweden's lowest unemployment rates, there are attractive jobs in whatever industry you are active in!

Welcome home to Sweden's best job market!

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Maybe you feel it. What we have here. The simplicity. The convenience but at the same time the grandeur. Somewhere to live and to experience life. A place with cohesion, fighting spirit and great ideas. This is our hometown!

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Stories from Skellefteå!

Read the latest articles about Skellefteå and the people who make Skellefteå the place it is.

  • The family journey for a sustainable lifestyle - everyone contributes in their own way

    Angelica Holmqvist lives on Hjortronstigen in Skellefteå with her partner Lee and their two daughters My and Ellie. The brick house on the hill became a perfect compromise between city life and being surrounded by a little forest - it also fits well with their commitment to sustainability and a green lifestyle. - Living sustainably doesn't have to be complicated. The little things in everyday life can make a big difference, says Angelica.

  • 1600 new homes in two years - now Skellefteå wants to accelerate the construction boom!

    In 2023, about 800 new homes were completed in Skellefteå, the same number as in 2022. Despite the record-high rate of migration and the tangible housing shortage, Skellefteå faces challenges from external factors and outdated prejudices about Norrland from investors, which inhibits investments. - In Skellefteå, we have a strong economy, with many opportunities for growth and development, but it is crucial that we can add new housing, says Patrik Larsen, land and development manager in Skellefteå.

  • Life in the forest is an art

    Living in a forest cabin without electricity, water and sewage all year round certainly makes Sara Forsström stand out from the crowd. - "I have always worked from nature and now I am also living my dream by living in it," says the Skellefteå-based artist.

  • Parenting and music - in sweet harmony?

    Five beautifully singing Skellefteå dads have charmed the music world. We know that Dad Harmony knows their voices. But what are they really like as fathers? And how do they combine the life of a musician with pick-up, drop-off and bedtime stories?

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