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Skellefteå and northern Sweden are undergoing a major expansion and will have an increasingly advanced business community, which means an increased need for skills in all areas. The new establishments, with Northvolt as the biggest one, mean thousands of new jobs in Skellefteå and whether you are just ready to start working, or if you want to develop, the opportunities are enormous. Welcome home to Sweden's best job market!



Here are the companies in Västerbotten you did not know you wanted to work for.

Growth investments of 80 billion

There is plenty of evidence Skellefteå will become one of Sweden's foremost growth zones during the 2020s. Several extremely large business establishments with a focus on sustainability are creating thousands of new jobs, and the need for housing is increasing rapidly. In fact, at least SEK 80 billion will be invested in Skellefteå between now and 2030, which is the most per capita in all of Sweden.

Traditionally, areas such as manufacturing, construction, wood processing, rubber and transport have been strong in Skellefteå. Over time, these industries have been complemented by successful companies in everything from IT, optics, electronics, security, environment and medicine, to media, film and digital communication. Today, there are a number of companies that are world leaders in their industry. Be a part of the journey!

Illustrerande bild för utvecklingsstrategin 2030


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