A chance to get to know your Skellefteå

Welcome to the Moving in Day June 18

We want you and everyone else who recently moved to Skellefteå to really enjoy your life here and get the best possible start to your new life in Skellefteå. Therefore, we are inviting you all to the Moving in Day, where we will be letting you know about all the exciting things this place has to offer.

The Moving in Day offers everything from arts and crafts and outdoor activities, to the opportunity to meet potential employers. In other words, there will be something for the whole family. You can find timetables for special activities below.

The theme for 2023 is picnic
Bring a blanket and snacks to enjoy a day outdoors at the lovely Nordanå. In case of rainy weather, we will arrange for the activities to take place indoors.

The entrance is free
The Nordanå culture and leisure area is centrally located so you can easily cycle, walk, drive your car or take the bus to the city center.

During the Moving in day the facilities Exploratoriet, Nordanågården, Blacksmith, Country Store, Handens hus, Baker's Cottage, Weaver's Cottage, Fritidsbanken och Skellefteå museum will be open to visit.

Guided tours at Skellefteå Museum
Storsia is an exhibition at Skellefteå Museum that takes you on a journey through the local history of Skellefteå, Norsjö and Malå - from 10-500 years before our era to the present. Read more and register here External link, opens in new window.

Karta över området på Nordanå

See you there!

Sunday 18 june at 11-16
The Moving in Day at Nordanå
Swedish fika will be served
Tickets will be sent to everyone who has been registered as a new resident in Skellefteå during the last 4 years, of course is your family also welcome. Have you received your ticket? If not, please contact: inflyttare@skelleftea.se

Timetable for the Stage (snäckan)

11.30 Studieförbundet vuxenskolan, bachata dance show and opportunity to try out
11.45 Kulturskolan, children’s theatre
12.15 Friskis och Svettis, family friendly exercise
12.45 Guldstadens Kyokushin Karate, show and opportunity to try out
13.00 Nöjesfabriken, theatre
13.30 Skellefteå Tangosällskap, tango dance show and opportunity to try out
14.15 Kulturskolan, children’s theatre
14.45 Nöjesfabriken, theatre


  • Ahlgrens Advokatbyrå
  • Astar AB
  • Bilda Studieförbund
  • Campus Skellefteå
  • EFS-kyrkan i Skellefteå
  • Europa Direkt Västerbotten
  • Expats & Friends Skellefteå
  • Finsk förvaltningskommun, Skellefteå Kommun
  • Friluftsfrämjandet Skellefteå Lokalavdelning
  • Friskis&Svettis
  • Guldstadens Kyokushin Karate
  • Guldstalaget och Nils Schillmarks akademien
  • Hej främling
  • Hjärnskadeförbundet Hjärnkraft
  • Holmen trävaror
  • HRF Hörselskadades Förening i Skellefteå
  • Kayakomat Skellefteå
  • Konsultia
  • Konsumentnämnden
  • Kultur och biblioteksavdelningen
  • Kåge Båtklubb
  • Lövångergården AB
  • Medborgarskolan Nord
  • Medlefors
  • NBV Norr
  • Norran, local news paper
  • Northern Lights Figure Skating Club
  • OK Västerbotten
  • Pingstkyrkan Skellefteå
  • RFSL Skellefteå
  • Rotary Guldstaden
  • Röda Korset
  • Sara kulturhus
  • Shimbukan Skellefteå Budoklubb
  • Skebo (Skelleftebostäder)
  • Skellefteå aik bike
  • Skellefteå AIK Hockey
  • Skellefteå bus
  • Skellefteå danceclub
  • Skellefteå Discgolf
  • Skellefteå fotoklubb
  • Skellefteå Hundkapplöpning
  • Skellefteå municipality (marketing department, recruitment center, waste management, water management, climate and energy advice, family center, outdoor recreation, adult education, building permit department, Nöjesfabriken, after-school programs, culture and library and education and labor market)
  • Skellefteå Cultural school
  • Skellefteå Musikkår, Skellefteå Orkesterförening
  • Skellefteå ridklubb (Ungdomssektionen)
  • Skellefteå Tangosällskap
  • Skellefteå Taxi
  • Skellefteå Tourist center
  • Solviks Folk high school
  • Soo Shim Taekwondo och Hapkido klubb
  • Studiefrämjandet Västerbotten
  • Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan
  • Stödföreningen Rismyrlidens Vänner
  • Sunnanå SK
  • Svensk Fastighetsförmedling
  • Svenska kyrkan Skellefteå
  • Tomas Marklund
  • Travskolan Skellefteåtravet
  • Västerbottensteatern
  • Wikan Personal AB


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