Skellefteå grows with more housing

In 2022, up to 1,000 homes will be completed, with thousands more expected in the future. We're building and planning like never before. New homes, neighbourhoods, workplaces and infrastructure are taking shape, and the need for land is great. That requires long-term thinking - and Skellefteå has it. Read more about the projects that will be ready for occupancy in 2022 here.

1. The Lion Quarter (28 rental apartments)

Two apartment buildings with 28 apartments are being built next to Myggvalla in Bureå. The new houses will be at an angle to the south where they will have a common courtyard with a barbecue area. Move-in in March 2022.

2. Oxen block (22 rental apartments)

The Oxen block is developing in the city centre. Here Diös is building a seven-storey residential building and a new retail, office and commercial building. The two buildings will be built on the empty space between the CK car park and the existing buildings facing Nygatan. The five-storey retail, office and commercial building will be built closest to Nygatan and the seven-storey residential building will be built in the courtyard. Occupancy in 2022.

3. Ömheten block (28 rental apartments)

The Ömheten block in Skellefteå will consist of apartments with 1-3 rooms and a kitchen. The newly built apartments are cleverly and space-efficiently planned with light coming in from two directions. A strong focus has been placed on sustainability. Scheduled move-in in November 2022.

4. Kvarter Höder (41 condominiums)

In the Höder block in the centre of Skellefteå, Nåiden is building 41 new residential apartments, ranging from twos to fives. The buildings will be between five and eight storeys high and will have their own parking garage with a lift directly to the apartments. Move-in in 2022.

5. Around the municipality (100 small houses)

The municipality of Skellefteå has a varied range of available plots. During 2022, 100 small house lots will be sold in different locations in the municipality.

6. Frigg and Balder neighbourhoods (100 rental apartments)

Skebo is acquiring turnkey properties from Lindbäcks. In the Frigg block, around 200 apartments will be built, with offices and public or commercial activities on the ground floor. In the Balder block, more than 50 apartments will be built. Work will start with the construction of Frigg and then Balder. First occupancy in 2022.

7. Sälen/Älvshöjden block (29 residential units)

On Östra Nygatan, Peab is building a new apartment building with a total of four floors. In total, 29 new apartments will be built. The building will have balconies and patios facing southwest. Bicycle storage is planned in the basement level and there is apartment storage in an external building in the courtyard. Parking spaces, play areas and green plantings will also be built in the courtyard. Estimated to be ready for occupancy in the last quarter of 2022.

8. Fisktärnan block (32 temporary houses)

32 temporary houses will be placed for contractors working at Northvolt. It is mobilahus.se that has signed land contracts for four different plots in Skelleftehamn. The first houses are expected to be in place by the end of the first quarter of 2022.

9. Dubbelkrut block (80 rental apartments)

West Erikslid is located right next to the Vitberget outdoor area and Erikslid town centre. Klockardalsparken will be refurbished and land that is important for human well-being, the local cycle and plant and animal life will be preserved. Bergsundet is building 80 rental apartments in two blocks built of wood. First occupancy in 2022.

10. Dubbelkrut block (80 rental apartments)

The Dubbelkrut block in West Erikslid continues to grow. Bergsundet is building two additional blocks with a total of 80 apartments in wood during phase 2.

11. Lejonet block (26 rental apartments)

In January 2022, 26 apartments were completed in the Lejonet block in Bureå.

12. Nipan block (74 rental apartments)

The area is located on the south side of the Skellefte River and is bounded by Bockholmsvägen to the south and the Skellefte River and existing housing to the north and east. To the west is Brogatan and existing apartment buildings. Skebo is building about 70 rental apartments here, with occupancy in 2022.

13. Tuböle (15 residential units)

Ekeblad is building a new terraced housing area on Tuböle, between Tubölegatan and Anderstorpsleden. In total, the construction will provide 15 new residential units. The dwellings will be approximately 115 sqm, distributed over two floors, with patios facing Anderstorpsleden and entrances and exits from Tubölegatan. Occupancy in the last quarter of 2022.

14. Kvarnbacken (72 rental apartments)

The Kvarnbacken area is located on Ulriksgatan in central Kåge, attractively and scenically situated near the Kåge River. Skebo is building 72 rental apartments here: one-, two- and three-room flats in seven two-storey houses. Moving in during 2022.

15. Falkträsket (40 rental apartments)

The Falkträsket residential area is located about 3 kilometres southwest of Skellefteå city centre. Arkadia is building 40 apartments here. Occupancy in 2022.

16. Falkträsket (18 small houses)

In Falkträsket, Contractor is building 18 houses next to the growing residential area. Occupancy in 2022.

17. Falkträsket (18 rental apartments)

Skidstahus is building 18 semi-detached houses near the residential area of Falkträsket. Occupancy in 2022.

18. Falkträsket (30 small houses)

Skellefteå Municipality will sell about 30 small plots in Falkträsket in 2022. The plots are adjacent to existing houses and there will be a green area with its own pond.

19. Västra Erikslid (98 rental apartments)

In Västra Erikslid, Heimstaden is building around 300 wooden apartments in the Dubbelkrut block. The apartments are planned to be completed in three phases. First occupancy in 2022.

20. Risbergsgatan (30 rental apartments)

15 new semi-detached houses in the form of rental apartments have been built at Hedensbyn. The developer and landlord is Gretabo AB. The site on Risbergsgatan where the semi-detached houses have been built is located between the existing residential area and the industrial area of Hedensbyn. Each individual apartment is 20.5 sqm divided into a hallway, bathroom and a living room with kitchenette. Move-in in 2022.

21. Birkarlen block (80 rental apartments)

The construction of the new apartments in the Birkarlen block in Kåge will take place in two stages. In the first phase about 80 apartments will be built and in the second phase about 120 additional apartments will be built. The houses will be built in two-storey buildings with loft access and the apartments will be one-, two- and three-storey, approximately 31-70 sqm. First occupancy in summer 2022.


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