HSS 2025 - Sweden's largest collaboration conference comes to Skellefteå

In 2025, Campus Skellefteå, together with Luleå University of Technology, will host Sweden's largest collaboration conference, Higher Education and Society in Collaboration (HSS). A conference focusing on how we can solve today's and tomorrow's societal challenges through collaboration and how can collaboration between academia, business, civil society and the public sector be developed and strengthened and what Skellefteå has to offer.

The HSS conference has been organized every two years by Swedish higher education institutions since 1999. The conference brings together participants from academia, business, the public sector, politics and civil society. The aim is to discuss the major societal challenges and how we can tackle them with the aim of creating a more sustainable society together. The funding bodies behind the conference are the Knowledge Foundation, Tillväxtverket and Vinnova.

- HSS is a conference that is of great importance for broad collaboration and our ability to solve societal challenges and create development throughout our country. I am so happy that LTU and Campus Skellefteå are hosting it and doing this with Skellefteå as the conference venue for 2025. I am already looking forward to participating, says Jan Theliander, President of University West.

Ida Lindh, strategically responsible for the development of Campus Skellefteå, is on site at University West in Trollhättan, which is hosting this year's conference and on site to take over the baton for the implementation of the conference in Skellefteå 2025.

- This is the first time ever that the HSS conference will be organized in a place that actually lacks its own university. It is a good grade, and we look forward to showcasing the development that takes place in Skellefteå and on campus with a focus on societal challenges with collaboration, academia, society and business, says Ida Lindh, strategically responsible for the development of Campus Skellefteå.

Skellefteå, which is in the middle of a huge social transformation and where 75 billion will be invested until 2030, an investment rate that means the most investments/capita in Sweden right now and a population target of 90,000 inhabitants by 2030.

- It is of course great fun and completely timely that this conference will be held in Skellefteå. Skellefteå is in the middle of a historic social transformation. We are growing like never before and are also determined to grow sustainably. This comes with many opportunities, but also great challenges. In order for us to manage this, collaboration with academia and industry is absolutely central, says Kristina Sundin, Director of Skellefteå Municipality.

The development of the Campus area with Campus Skellefteå as a crucial role for Skellefteå's ability to supply skills and based on the fact that leading research is underway in sustainable construction in wood, future energy solutions, AI and smart technology - as well as games and digitization of health and care is also a factor that comes into play here. With this in mind, an interesting program will be developed and offered at the conference.


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3 January 2024