Rönnbäret Foundation

Students were the winners when the Skeria Foundation granted a total of SEK 216,000.

At the Skeria Foundation's annual distribution, which aims to stimulate activities that will increase the well-being on Campus Skellefteå and contribute to increased interest in research and education, the Student Association and its sub-sections took home a total of SEK 149,000. The rest was distributed between Sammes Foundation, Network KVIST for Women Engineers and Per Westerlund, Assistant Professor LTU.

Lorents Burman who in his role as chairman of the Skeria Foundation and municipal council Skellefteå municipality handed out scholarships in the company of vice chairman Dan Magnusson and member Robert Brännström, LTU.

-It is important to distribute funds in order to stimulate initiatives where students network and thrive here in Skellefteå and in the best case consider a future career here where they are really needed ,says Lorents Burman.

SEK 149,000 was distributed to the Student Association and its sub-sections represented by the SFCS board with the sub-sections Tafs, Kulturarna, Fusk, MIFFO, LAM, Phöseriet, Sexmästeriet, Idrottssektionen, SKRUV, and SKARV, to promote the work of the board, freshen up the interior of the student union building, develop and buy new games, arrange cultural events and work with local student culture and student life on site. The money is also used to organize student social events, arrange the Nolle period/student start-up, dishwasher and equipment in the student pub.

The remaining funds went to the Sammes Foundation represented by Jörgen Markgren with the aim of arranging an educational package for the foundation's summer scholarship holders.

KVIST, the network for female engineers, represented by Sarah Rönnberg, works to create activities for female engineering students in collaboration with women in business.

Per Westerlund, Assistant Professor LTU was granted funds to support students' academic residence in Skellefteå and to disseminate research results.


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