Career opportunities in Skellefteå ranked highest by students

An event for competence matching between business and students was held at Campus Skellefteå, completely in line with Skellefteå coming in first place when it comes to career opportunities in the ranking "Sweden's best student cities"*. A well-attended lunch event focusing on the meeting between business and students at Campus Skellefteå as part of an expanded collaboration between the Business Office, Skellefteå municipality and SKARV - the students' organization focusing on bridging contacts between students and business.

With the mission to guide students to the working life, expand their personal network, and help them get in touch with potential employers, we are very pleased with the developed cooperation between Skellefteå municipality's Business Office and SKARV, says Eh Soe, SKARV and student at LTU in Skellefteå.

The theme of this event was "Mingle and Networking" between students at Campus Skellefteå and the business community in Skellefteå in order to get to know each other and find future collaborations such as jobs, thesis etc. This is to connect the business community with the academic world, which facilitates a smooth transition from studies to working life.

Karriärevent på Campus Skellefteå

Karriärevent på Campus Skellefteå

Skills matching between universities and industry

The competence matching initiatives in Skellefteå have been very positively received by both the business community and students. It is an initiative that all parties would like to see continue. To further strengthen cooperation between the business community and students, Skellefteå is planning an upcoming event linked to the IT sector on April 17, with an expanded program.

Most important for us at the Business Office is that we have started and found the forms of cooperation where students and the business community have the opportunity to meet and make contact during the study period to find collaborations where you can take advantage of the students' skills based on the needs of the companies and thus increase the chances of the students choosing to stay in Skellefteå after graduation, says Desireé Öden business developer, Skellefteå municipality

To engage in the competence matching process in Skellefteå, companies and students are encouraged to increase their knowledge of each other. This creates a stronger understanding and cooperation between the two groups.

Karriärevent på Campus Skellefteå

The business community was represented by Northvolt, ABB, Boliden, Datapolarna, AFRY, Arctic Game, Skellefteå municipality/Welcome House. During the event, ABB had booked students who would come for a study visit and an interested party to write an ex-job. AFRY was pleased to meet so many students during the event but had hoped for more conversations with those studying programs linked to energy, while Northvolt was pleased to have had several registered in their systems. Datapolarna and Arctic Game also appreciated the initiative. All are interested in continued cooperation.

The 69 students on site came from LTU, Futuregames, Visual Magic, T2, TUC with specializations such as programmers, game developers, mechanical engineers, VFX artist, computer graphics, computer graphics, computer networks, UX design.

Satisfied voices were heard from both the business representatives and the students and it bodes well for the next event planned on April 17 and with a focus on IT with an expanded program and the cooperation is then further expanded with the actor Digital Alliance and with expanded cooperation with LTU in Luleå.

Skellefteå Universities Alliance

At Campus Skellefteå, this fall's range of education and the number of education providers will be greater than ever as the work with Skellefteå Universities Alliance has yielded results with expanded collaborations and initiatives.


* Career opportunities in the city: "To determine which student city has the best career opportunities, we have collected data on the average monthly salary in the municipalities to which the city belongs (SCB, 2023) and the number of vacant jobs available in the municipalities throughout 2023 (Arbetsförmedlingen). The number of job vacancies is also set in relation to the number of inhabitants in the municipality to get an accurate idea of the competition. We have then used the collected data to get an overview of which student cities offer the best career opportunities. Source: Kommunsiffror (SCB), Arbetsförmedlingen's monthly statistics".


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