Mälardalen University opens dual programs at Campus Skellefteå

Mälardalen University is expanding its educational activities with two new programs at Campus Skellefteå - a master's in environmental technology for sustainable development and a public health program.

The expansion is a direct measure to broaden the presence of the programs and respond to Skellefteå's specific needs.

Students at Campus Skellefteå will have the opportunity via a mirrored room to read together with students at Campus Västerås and with distance students. All teacher-led elements will be conducted in real time live from Västerås, and both distance students and students at Campus Skellefteå will have full access to the teaching.

- This is an innovative initiative to geographically broaden our catchment area. We offer flexibility for students to apply for either campus studies or distance studies, which we believe meets the needs of the future educational landscape, says Charlotta Hellström-Olsson, Head of the Department of Public Health Sciences.

Charlotta Hellström-Olsson, Med. Dr Lektor folkhälsovetenskap.

The Master in Environmental Engineering for Sustainable Development is a two-year, 120-credit program. It is one of the first international master's programs of its kind in Europe. According to Sebastian Schwede, Senior Lecturer and Course Director, the program offers in-depth knowledge of current environmental and societal challenges and effective strategies to address them in a way that promotes sustainable development.

- Our master's program benefits from MDU's position as home to internationally renowned researchers exploring some of the most pressing environmental problems our world faces today. The program's close connection to research enriches student learning with insights into both current and future solutions in environmental engineering, says Sebastian.

- We at MDU think that the green transition in northern Sweden is of great importance for Sweden and the whole of Europe that contributes to a more sustainable development of society and we are proud to be able to contribute with our competence to this development, he says.

Sebastian Schwede, universitetslektor och utbildningsledare

Students who complete this programme become attractive to employers in a variety of environmental technology-related sectors, including industry, consultancies and public organizations. For those interested in an academic career, the program also offers an excellent foundation for further graduate studies.

The three-year Public Health Sciences program responds to a demand for education that focuses on lifestyle and social sustainable development - two areas that are highly relevant in Skellefteå.

With a strong focus on health promotion and disease prevention, the program provides expertise on challenges that are highly relevant to public health, both in Sweden and globally.

- There is a clear need throughout Sweden for this type of education, and in the northern part of the country there are particularly few options for public health education, explains Charlotta.

With its focus, the program opens doors to a range of career opportunities both in Sweden and internationally. As a public health graduate, you can work in a variety of fields, including as a health developer, project manager, strategist in the field of health or sustainable development, in HR, occupational health care, the sports movement, and in the public sector or aid organizations.

Charlotta also emphasizes the university's focus on research and external collaboration to constantly develop and respond to the needs of the labor market.

- We are a progressive university that is constantly looking for new ways to develop. By expanding our campus to Skellefteå and making the education available nationally, we strengthen our position and meet the needs of students across the country, especially in the north, she says.


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3 April 2024