Campus area

Parking on Campus

The Campus area has several different parking lots with slightly different conditions and rules. In addition, there is the Renen parking garage, along the E4 highway with a green facade, located on the north side of the river, a short walk from Campus.

  • A parking garage open from 06:00 to 20:00 with 84 spaces. Payment is made via the parking meter or via one of the parking apps (a sign is posted indicating which one applies). In the Skepark app, it is possible to buy a monthly subscription.
  • Public parking spaces with a fee, including three spaces for the disabled and four spaces with charging stations.
  • Spaces for Skellefteå municipality's staff with engine heater posts that can be rented annually for SEK 4,140 or monthly for SEK 355. Subject to availability, it is also possible for others who work on Campus to rent a space. Send an email to

How to pick up your car when the parking garage is closed

If you need to get in after closing time, call the security company on 010-210 90 00 and give your registration number to the operator. If the security company makes an intervention, you will have to pay a fee, currently SEK 1,200, via Swish directly to them.

However, if you have a long-term subscription, you can pick up a pass from Skellefteå municipality's customer service in the City Hall at Trädgårdsgatan 6 in central Skellefteå, which allows you to pick up and park your car even when the parking garage is closed.


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