Sustainable life

The family journey for a sustainable lifestyle - everyone contributes in their own way

Angelica Holmqvist lives on Hjortronstigen in Skellefteå with her partner Lee and their two daughters My and Ellie. The brick house on the hill became a perfect compromise between city life and being surrounded by a little forest - it also fits well with their commitment to sustainability and a green lifestyle.

- Living sustainably doesn't have to be complicated. The little things in everyday life can make a big difference, says Angelica.

Morön has become not only a geographical home for the Holmqvist/Lundgren family, but also a place where family life can take place. There is everything needed for their interests.

- It's close to the forest, sledding hill, playground, swimming areas and sports facilities, which makes it an ideal place for us, says Angelica.

When they decided to buy a house five years ago, she wanted to be close to the amenities of city life and her husband Lee enjoys having the forest close by. That's exactly what you get at idyllic Hjortronstigen.

It is, of course, a residential neighborhood with all that implies, but still secluded and the view from the dining room table is stately spruces that beautifully frame the 60s house that they themselves have largely renovated.

With the family's active lifestyle, Morön became the perfect complement, and Angelica is also involved as a football coach in Morön's BK F16 team.

The family has made sustainability a central part of their everyday life, and even though they don't live in the countryside, it's easy to grow crops, for example. Various crops are planted around the house, and in the greenhouse, tomatoes are crowded with cucumbers, chili - and even melon. Lee is the green thumb of the family and likes to experiment.

- The melons turned out beautifully, you wouldn't have thought so considering where we live, she says.

Not to mention the wild raspberries that grow around the corner.

In the summer, they are self-sufficient on many fronts when it comes to vegetables. This works out well because the family plans at least one vegetarian dish every week.

- We try to do what we know the kids like, but not just macaroni and sausages. Fortunately, they've been open to trial and error so we eat fish, chicken and meat but vary each week with different vegetarian dishes to get a healthy and green balance. There can be halloumi pies, soups, stews with red lentils and coconut milk, there is a lot of good stuff just by looking around, says Angelica.

The interest is based on the climate issue and what kind of world we should leave to the next generations, she says.

- In recent years it has become so obvious that we need to act. Which world do we really want our children to inherit? 'I think that individuals can still have quite a lot of influence, especially if many people contribute,' she says.

Cycling is a key aspect of their sustainable lifestyle. With an electric bike equipped with a cargo box, Angelica takes the children to school and can do major grocery shopping. Living in a fairly central location means the car can be parked for long periods.

- The e-bike is my best purchase and I take it to work every day, all year round, it saves me money and gives me that everyday exercise I need. In winter, it is stable and equipped with studded tires. I never feel unsafe on it, she says.

For them, sustainable living is not about making too many demands on themselves.

- You don't have to make it so complicated. The little things make a big difference and once you start thinking along these lines, a lot of things come naturally. For example, it's no big deal to recycle when we have these bins in the garage. Then it's easy to take everything to the recycling, Angelica emphasizes.

There are both small and large initiatives to invest in, perhaps the single largest item was to invest in geothermal heating as the house's heat source, it was installed directly when the house was purchased - both climate-smart and good for the wallet.

- It is possible to make conscious choices to reduce your environmental impact, we are not environmental heroes, but everyone can do something to reduce their climate footprint. It's all about doing what you can, says Angelica.


This is the family

Angelica Holmqvist, 35, Lee Lundgren, 35, and daughters My, 8, and Ellie, 5.

Profession: Angelica is a hairdresser and Lee works as a carpenter.

Lives: Morön, Skellefteå.

Three sustainable food tips

1. Jennie Walldén's Indian vegetable curry with cashew nuts.

2. Puree vegetables, root vegetables and berries and freeze in small ice cubes. Perfect for adding flavor to stews or smoothies.

3. Chop chilli and freeze and use as a flavoring in cooking.


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