Your guide to the hidden gems you can visit this summer

Have you already explored all the nooks and crannies of Sara Cultural Center? Does Bjuröklubb seem like too easy a challenge? Are you looking for new perspectives? Don't worry - we have the solution to all that. Let our guide, Johan Seger, introduce you to some of Skellefteå's most amazing but perhaps lesser known destinations.


Experience beautiful and hilly forest environment with a total of 50 kilometers of hiking trail in Kalvträskbygden. Start at Kvarndammen and walk the 3 mile long loop, over hills, streams and rivers with fantastic views of the lakes Holmträsket and Vitträsket. Visit the bear cave or climb the observation tower on Vitberget for an incredible view of the treetops. Along the trail you can see wildlife such as hare, elk and birds, and with a lot of luck even golden eagle, fox or lynx. There are also shorter circular loops of 2 to 10 kilometers and an accessible route by Lake Kalvträsket.


Offers an undisturbed and scenic coastal and archipelago experience. There are beautiful cliffs, pine trees over 200 years old, sandy beaches and natural forests to explore. The hillsides are great for a walk and in sheltered locations you will find richer vegetation, including yellow sedge and reed canary grass. A tip is to hike around Avanäsberget and Oxberget, where you can enjoy the fantastic view of the sea. Other tips worth exploring are Gammelhamnen which is a beautiful natural harbor or Vitsanden which is a long sandy beach that extends through the northern part of the reserve. At Tackelkammarviken there is also a smaller sandy beach to relax on. The nature reserve is located about 7 kilometers south of Lövånger. Turn off the E4 towards Avan and then the reserve can be reached via smaller roads.


Burträsk Camping och Stugby offers something amazing: the possibility to rent pedal boats that can accommodate four people in each boat. Sit back and let your feet do the work as you glide along the calm water. With the pedal boat you can easily navigate the Burträsket and discover secret coves and picturesque beaches. Whether you bring your family, friends or just want a relaxing moment to yourself, a day on the pedal boat will be a memorable experience. Pack a picnic in the boat and enjoy a sunny day on the water.


Explore Lobergsgrottan in Bygdsiljum, Skellefteå's largest and longest cave. The entrance can be a bit tricky to discover and is quite narrow, but once inside the cave, a large cave hall opens up. You do not need to crawl to explore this cave, but you will need a flashlight as it is pitch black further in. A tip is to bring some candles to light inside the cave to create a cozy authentic cave experience. The cave can be found at coordinates N64.332498°, E20.574719° and the entrance is located on the eastern side of Loberget next to a cliff. Entering a cave is always a risk, so you may want to bring a helmet and a friend on this adventure.


Explore Jättungsmyran, one of Skellefteå's most fascinating and unique natural treasures. This vast and untouched bog offers a unique opportunity to experience the Swedish wilderness in its purest form. Hike and be enchanted by its silent beauty, with only the wind and birdsong for company. Here you can also witness amazing animal and plant life. Scout with binoculars for the rare and shy bird species that nest in the area, and be fascinated by the magnificent flora of orchids, mosses and other vegetation. As always when visiting a nature reserve, it is important not to disturb the wildlife. Also remember to bring shoes that can withstand wet terrain and an extra pair of socks. Jättungsmyran is located 35 kilometers west of Burträsk.


Nasaleden is a fantastic hiking trail that stretches from Forsbacka (Krångfors) to Glommersträsk. The trail offers a varied terrain and beautiful nature through many small villages. In total, the trail measures 82 kilometers with eight sections and the height difference is 250 meters. During your hike you will also come across cozy rest areas where you can take a well-deserved break, grill a sausage or just enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. The Nasa Trail is a tough trail that takes an average of 22 hours to walk. But for backpacking, bird watching and camping, it's a perfect trail to explore. If you want to continue the hike, you can walk from Glommersträsk to Avaviken in Arvidsjaur municipality. Pack your backpack, strap on your hiking boots and let the adventure begin!


Furuberget is a fantastic place with a wonderful primeval forest feel. The nature reserve is located about 15 kilometers northeast of Jörn. The forest on Furuberget has hardly been affected at all by forestry, and here you will find spruces that are up to 300 years old and pines that are 350 years old. Here the spruces on the steep northeastern slope are covered in yarn lichen. In small stream ravines along the eastern and western sides there is a fantastic primeval spruce forest with lots of dead wood. The nature reserve is located about 15 kilometers northeast of Jörn. You can reach the area via a forest road that runs north of the reserve. Welcome to an experience that gives you a unique insight into nature's wonderful diversity.


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12 June 2023