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Skellefteå is a safe place, renowned for its wide range of housing choices, short commuting distances, simple everyday life, and possibilities for adventure just around the corner. Skellefteå is often called the ten-minute city - here you can travel between home, work, school and recreational activities in just 10 minutes. Here, life is simpler.

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  • Fredrik and Frida moved back home to build their career and family

    Fredrik Johansson and Frida Viksten both graduated Uppsala – then they moved right back home to Skellefteå. “That was the plan from the start. We wanted an adventure but we also realized that we might as well start our careers in Skellefteå and live in a family-friendly city,” says Fredrik.

  • A sustainable life in Holmsvattnet

    Sara and Robin Sjöstedt dreamed of a farm they could make their own. And in Holmsvattnet they found what they were looking for. With a ceaselessly sustainable mindset, the couple has a long-term plan to achieve total self-sufficiency. “The goal is for both of us to reduce our working hours and spend more time in our forest and on our land instead. And we can do that here,” explains Robin.

  • They left Birmingham for Skellefteå: ”Simpler family life here”

    When Ellen and Kristopher Vanes decided to leave the village of Stonnall, just north of Birmingham in England, and move to another country, they chose Skellefteå in Sweden. After thorough research they found that the Swedish east coast ticked all the boxes, and their move to the village of Klutmark, just outside of Skellefteå, turned out to be the perfect choice for the couple and their sons Seth, 6, Isaac, 5, and Noah, 1. – Here, there is more focus on family life than in England. Our salaries are higher, the house prices are reasonable and the boys enjoy the Swedish school and preschool much better, says Ellen.

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