Tips and links to help you move

The move notification is free and you must report it to the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) within one week of your move. Once the new move has been registered, other authorities will have access to your new address.

Report your change of adress at the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). Reporting a change of address | Skatteverket External link.

You can contact the Swedish Tax Agency if you have any questions by telephone on 0771-567567

You need home insurance regardless of whether you rent or sub-let an apartment in the first or second hand, are a resident, live in a student residence or your own house. If there are more of you who share the apartment / house, enter all the names and the insurance applies to all. Home insurance usually applies in the event of fire, burglary, assault, legal protection and travel.

You can also order supplementary insurance, so-called drulle insurance, which applies if you yourself happen to damage something. Deductible applies to all damages. Check the terms and conditions carefully with the insurance companies. If you have a condominium, you can take out a condominium supplement that covers any damage to the apartment.

Visit Skellefteå Kraft External link. or compare prices at Pricerunner External link.. If you rent your home or own your condominium, you have the right to switch to another electricity supplier than the one the landlord or the condominium association has previously hired.

When a property changes owners, you must remember to report a change of ownership. This is so that invoices for water and sewage as well as waste collection will be handled correctly. Here you can read about how to register a change of ownership.

You can contact Försäkringskassan Skellefteå with various questions, e.g. in case of illness or if you are applying for housing allowance and parental allowance. If you are going to visit Försäkringskassan External link. the address is Bäckgatan 1.

Here you will find information on who to contact if you become ill.
1177 Vårdguiden External link.

You can contact the police for various questions such as obtaining a passport, if you have lost something, if you want to report something, etc.

The rescue service shall, through preventive work and remedial measures, protect and save people, property and the environment.

Here you will find the Police in Skellefteå: Polisen External link, opens in new window.

Are you going to pick up or send mail and packages? There are a number of different companies that deliver both small and large packages!
Here you will find post offices and drop-off points in Skellefteå:

To get your mail forwarded to the right address when moving within Sweden you will need to change address at Adressändring. Mail from public authorities will reach you automatically even if you only did the relocation notification with Skatteverket.

There are many broadband providers to choose from.

IT and telephony comparisons are available on the Swedish Post & Telecom Agency's website. Post & telestyrelsens External link.

Skellefteå has a number of newspapers to which you can subscribe, both digitally and in print.

Many newspapers offer try-out discounts or student discounts. Check with Norran External link. or for example Västerbottens folkblad External link. (in Swedish).

You can order a landline telephone contract via Telia External link, opens in new window.. Find out which telephone number was last connected to the address, it facilitates the move. Read more on your telephone provider's website.

Price comparisons for fixed telephony are available on Pricerunner. Pricerunner External link..

We try to show a complete list of relevant companies when we list them here. We do not signal a preference. If your company should be on this page, please contact us at

Familj på trappa
Familj på trappa

Move to Sweden?

  • Flytta External link. is a service from the Swedish government. The site offers a hub for different government agencies and is a good starting point for anyone who's about to move to Sweden.
  • Life in Sweden

Three quick tips!

  1. Have you not really made up your mind? Make a list of pros and cons for your prospective move. What do you gain and what will you miss if you move?
  2. So you have decided? Good! Then we think you should contact us! Inflyttarservice helps you with local contacts, tips on work, housing and more.
  3. Are you moving with children? Moving can be an adventure but also raises questions for the little ones. If you have the opportunity, visit the place before the move and give the whole family a reason to want to move.







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Barn bärande PLVM

Stay warm and enjoy the winter

Here is some tips and tricks on how to dress in winter climates in the best way so
you can stay warm and happy. Don't lose your gloves!


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