Sports all year round

At Skellefteå Kraft Arena you can see fast-paced and exciting ice hockey when Sweden's best team, AIK, plays. At Skellefteåtravet you can see high-class trotting, or harness racing, all year round. But do not forget to play yourself as well. Visit a swimming pools, the Vitberg area and the skate park or try disc golf, horse riding or why not climbing?

Discover Skellefteå's sports life!

Swimming pools. With eight swimming pools around the municipality, there is room for families with children as well as joggers and serious swimmers. In addition, several of the swimming pool complexes have gyms and relaxation areas.

Bathing places. There are plenty of cooling bathing places for overheating Skellefteå residents.There are also outdoor alternatives at Vitbergsbadet and Kågebadet, both of which have heated pools for both children and adults. There are also several bathing-friendly lakes scattered in the municipality, such as Falkträsket and Långnäset. Craving for shallow beaches with beautiful fine-grained sand? Do not miss Byske havsbad, Bovikens havsbad and Danielsten's havsbad in Bureå.

Tobogganing. Sweden's largest alpine toboggan club Skellefteå Rodelsällskap offers coaching in tobogganing in the Vitberg area. Are you eager to try? Welcome Wednesdays 19 - 20 and Sundays at 16.30 - 17.30 during winter.

Go karting. Skellefteå Karting Arena is a state-of-the-art facility with rental karts and its own course for the little ones. Skellefteå Motorsällskap runs a karting school here for those who want to get more involved in the sport.

Golf. Skellefteå Golf Club, five kilometers from the city center, is one of the world's northernmost 27-hole facilities. In summer you can play around the clock!

Discgolf. The course in Bergsbyn is absolutely world-class, with 29 challenging holes as well as a café, accommodation, putting green and disc rental.

Skate park. Folkparken's activity park is a popular location for children and young people who like skating, inline skating, kickbike and cycling. The park offers a large bowl, vertical wall, snakerun and a street area. In the Folkparken area, there are also spaces where you can challenge your friends in beach volleyball and street basketball - in addition, you can try climbing the Climbing Mushroom.

Riding stables. There are many riding stables, horse clubs and associations in Skellefteå as the interest in horses is great. Skellefteå Ridklubb is located in central Skellefteå and is one of the country's largest riding schools with everything from courses and training, competitions and drop-in riding, to private lessons and riding camps. In addition, there are riding stables in Ersmark and Gummark as well as several active riding clubs, horse associations and riding clubs in the municipality. Also look out for Skellefteå trotting school which offers training and activities in trotting for all ages.

Baseball and softball. When Skellefteå Baseball Softball Club relaunched in the autumn of 2017, the goal was to eventually establish the sport in the city again. They have already succeeded in this. The club prioritizes child and youth activities and encourages everyone who is interested to try the sports.

Events in Skellefteå: Sports

Exciting competitions

  1. Prestigious winter swimming event. The Scandinavian Winter Swimming Championship has been held since 2012 in a big hole in the ice in the river in the middle of Skellefteå. The popular competition is organized by ”Mörkrets och kylans glada vänner”(The happy friends of darkness and cold) - a group of people who want to celebrate the dark periods in northern Norrland.
  2. Skellefteå Beach Soccer. Skellefteå Beach Soccer is one of Sweden's largest beach football tournaments. The event attracts thousands of visitors every summer to Boviken and is a party for everyone who likes football, summer and beach.
  3. Broarna runt. The classic race "Broarna runt" is organized every spring by Skellefteå AIK Athletics Club - a tradition since 1965. Walk or jog the beautiful stretches between Skellefteå's bridges at your own pace or compete against other Skellefteå residents.
  4. Utmaningen. A running experience on the scenic Vitberget terrain. A race up the steepest slopes, through the wettest and muddy marshes and watercoursed. An inspiring and challenging race where the track is secret until the start of the race.


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