Welcome box

Reaching out to new residents

Every year, Skellefteå municipality sends about 2000 information boxes to new residents. We make this effort to welcome and to provide good, quick and up-to-date information about the place they have moved to. It is an appreciated gift and our new residents make great use of the information, offers and tips contained in the box.

The box always includes materials such as a welcome card, a magazine and a map of Skellefteå municipality's towns and other useful community information. We send selected "giveaways" in the box and families with children also get something nice for the children.

Offer to associations and organisations
In these boxes, you as an administration or association/organisation have the opportunity to send free material that may be of interest to a newcomer. You are responsible for producing and printing the material.

Do you have something new to highlight?
We would like to showcase as wide and varied a range as possible of what there is to discover throughout the municipality for children, young people and adults alike.

Please think about what you have coming up in 2023 that might interest our new residents and we hope you will use this opportunity to reach many curious residents!

18/1, 15/2 , 15/3, 12/4, 17/5, 21/6, 9/8, 13/9, 11/10, 15/11, 13/12
With reservation for changes. Shipment will be made one week later.

The number of mailings per run is between 200-250. You can choose if you want to send in every mailing i.e. about every 5 weeks or only some times. The maximum size of the material is A:4 format.

You can of course pause your mailings for a while and let us know when you want us to start sending them in the inboxes. For reasons of space, a selection of information material may be made.

For more information and guidance: inflyttare@skelleftea.se

Send the material to Solkraft Tryckeri, Tipshuset Anderstorg 2, 93157 Skellefteå. Always write contact person, e-mail, telephone and number on the material you send.


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7 February 2023