Everything is connected as Skellefteå changes. A lot is happening simultaneously on the journey towards becoming 90,000 inhabitants as early as 2030. We are experiencing changes in education, jobs, healthcare, leisure opportunities, openness, sustainability, and several other issues.

Areas and directions for our efforts have been decided based on conversations with people throughout Skellefteå and input from experts. The work has engaged thousands of people in the municipality during 2021 and 2022 and has led up to the final version of our developmental strategy heading towards 2022.

Our absolut intention is to continue our work based on strengths such as co-creation, collaboration, and ability to change. Success depends on each and every one of us. Therefore, we have also chosen to make the strategy available in all major languages spokes in Skellefteå, where English is one.
in PDF format here.

Download the development strategy

Download the development strategy

You can download the strategy in PDF format in any of the most common languages spoken in Skellefteå today.

The strategy in one minute

What is Skellefteås development strategy about? And why is it important for everyone to contribute ideas and initiatives on how best to achieve the goals? Evelina Fahlesson, municipal councillor (S) and Andreas Löwenhöök, opposition councillor (M) explain.

Where do the documents come from?

Skellefteås development strategy has been produced in an open process, which has included citizen dialogues, input from expert groups and open data. The citizen dialogues were conducted during the summer and autumn of 2021 and engaged more than 1,500 Skellefteå residents. An important basis for Skellefteås development up to 2030 has also been the scenario analysis that Ramboll has developed on behalf of Skellefteå municipality. This is based on data on the composition of the population, the establishment of companies such as Northvolt and investments that our business community has already decided.