A clear focus on sustainability characterizes the Strömsör district by the river in central Skellefteå, including the Svalan office building. The building is one of Sweden's tallest wooden office buildings with its seven floors.

The Svalan office building is located at the northern bridge junction of the Viktoria Bridge and the E4, and since the building is built entirely in wood, it fulfills the ambition of building climate-smart.

Svalan has an office area of 7,100 square meters and the highest part of the building is seven floors with a view of the Skellefteälven river and the smaller part is four floors. The building is home to, among others, the municipality's Public Works Department and half of the office space is rented out to other companies.

Skellefteå municipality
Skellefteå industrihus

About the area

Skebo, Riksbyggen and Skellefteå Industrihus have together developed the Strömsör district by the river in central Skellefteå. Here, a completely new residential area has been built with more than 200 apartments, green paths, parking garages and office environments for the Skellefteå of the future.

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