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A logistics hub for a sustainable Skellefteå

There is an increasing demand for sustainable industrial areas, both from existing companies wanting to expand and new companies wanting to set up business. Hammarängen's industrial area has been developed to meet this growing need. It will be completed in the autumn of 2023.

The new industrial area is located west of Burträskvägen, directly adjacent to Hammarängen's existing industrial area, and offer plots for companies primarily in logistics and transportation, but also warehousing and light manufacturing.

The total area is about 250 000 square meters, divided into about 30 plots of between 7,000 and 13,000 square meters each.

Because a large number of new business areas need access to functioning transport, Hammarängen has the potential of becoming a new logistics hub and increasing the flow of transportations, enabled by industry-developing sustainability work and a good geographical location near the E4, Port of Skellefteå and Skellefteå Airport.

The project's goal during the construction phase is a sustainability certification according to BREEAM Design & Construction level Excellent. BREEAM Infrastructure was previously called CEEQUAL.

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Questions and answers

There will be connections from Betongvägen and old Burträskvägen. The conditions for public transport will also be taken into account and a connection for pedestrians and cyclists will be created from the old Burträskvägen.

There are no specific requirements for the type of business to be conducted in order to be able to buy a plot in the area. However, the basic idea is that it is mainly companies linked to logistics and transportation that will be attracted to the area's geographical location and logistical possibilities. There may also be opportunities for businesses in warehousing and light manufacturing, for example, especially if they have a natural link to logistics and transportation.

There are always elements related to sustainability where the outcome does not reach high goals, partly due to external factors that are not possible to influence. In addition, the entire industry is still in a learning and exploration phase, where both Skellefteå Municipality and Skanska want to drive development and push the boundaries of what is possible to achieve in sustainability. At the same time, it is not a competition to see who is the best, but to make new advances that the entire industry can benefit from.